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Fishing in Goa

If you are an enthusiastic fisherman, you'll find a number of great spots and be able to try several different ways of fishing


The tropical surroundings of Goa makes it an ideal place for fishing, which is enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike. The sea and water escapes of Goa have lots of fantastic fishing spots to offer. Here you can try both inshore and offshore fishing. The variety of fishing techniques is also huge! For example: bottom fishing, popping, jigging, spinning/casting, and trolling are all common techniques.

Fishing is a hobby to many Goans, especially during the monsoon season. The best season for offshore fishing is from October to December. You can catch sail fish, dorado, king mackerel, wahoo, cobia, barracuda, large groupers, and lots of others. Inshore fishing can be done all year round. Rivers and inland waters are full of bream, groupers, red snapper, and barramun. All stream deltas are also great spots for fishing. The best time for angling are the months from October to May. Some of the best spots are Agonda beach, Vagator beach, Chapora River, Mandovi, and Zuari River, etc. While angling, you may come across soormai, salmon, mullet, ladyfish or catfish, rockfish, and lots of other interesting species.

Practical info

What are some offshore fishing techniques in Goa?

Goa's offshore fishing involves popular techniques such as bottom fishing, popping, jigging, spinning/casting, and trolling. Experienced anglers prefer light to medium gear, braided lines, and specific equipment for each technique. Casting popper lure works great for topwater fishing while jigs, spinners, and plugs work well for casting near structures. Trolling with lures or baits works well in deep waters. Show more

Which fishing spots in Goa are best for inshore fishing?

Goa's beaches and rivers are perfect for inshore fishing. For shore fishing, the recommended spots are Agonda beach, Vagator beach, Anjuna beach, Moira River, and Chapora River. The most popular rivers for inshore fishing are Mandovi, Zuari, Sal, Terekhol, and Talpona Rivers. Fishing at stream deltas is also a great option. Show more

What is the prime season for offshore fishing in Goa?

October to December is the best time for offshore fishing in Goa as marine life is abundant and many fish species are commonly caught during this season. The most commonly caught species are Sailfish, Dorado, King Mackerel, Wahoo, Cobia, Barracuda, and large Groupers. Conversely, inshore fishing is accessible all year round. Show more

What variety of fish can be caught while fishing in Goa?

Inshore fishing in Goa provides a variety of fish species such as bream, groupers, red snapper, barramundi, catfish, rockfish, and many more. Offshore fishing in Goa adds more to the list of exciting species such as Sailfish, Dorado, King Mackerel, Cobia, and Barracuda, which make their presence known during the prime fishing season. The combination of rivers and coastline accentuate the diverse range of fish available. Show more

Is fishing in Goa viable throughout the year?

Inshore fishing in Goa is available throughout the year, while the recommended season to fish last from October to May when all species move closer to the shore. The monsoon season is another opportunity to fish in the state's rivers. Meanwhile, offshore fishing is doable throughout the year, although marine life is abundant during the months of October to December. Show more

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