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Fishing at Lake Itasy in Madagascar 2024

Lake Itasy surrounded with volcanic landscapes is a dream of every fisherman

Best time: April–November

Fishing at Lake Itasy

Located in the volcanic region of Ampefy lake Itasy is a genuine treasure for every fisherman. The most convenient fishing season for tourists stretches from April to November when local fishermen are occupied with agricultural activities around the lake. The rest of the year the basin is exploited by hundreds and even thousands of locals who make their living largely by fishing. Lake Itasy emerged due to volcanic eruption. The last eruption occurred about 8000 years ago. It is 9 km in length and about 6,5 m in depth and its area is 45 Fish abundance is not the only attraction of the place. Itasy region is pierced with extinct volcanic craters and numerous crater lakes, which are fairly fish-rich too, besides there are Analavory cold water geysers and two Lily Waterfalls, surrounding papaya plantations. Therefore, if your friends or family does not share your passion for fishing, they will find what to do anyway.

Practical info

When is the best time to go fishing at Lake Itasy in Madagascar?

Lake Itasy is a great fishing destination year-round, though there is less competition from April to November when the local fishermen are busy with agricultural activities. The lake is surrounded by volcanic craters, providing breathtaking views while fishing. Visitors can rent fishing boats and hire fishing guides to help them find the best fishing spots. Show more

Where is Lake Itasy located in Madagascar?

Located in the Ampefy region of Madagascar, Lake Itasy is a volcanic lake about 120 kilometers southwest of Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar. Visitors are attracted to the lake year-round due to the abundance of fish species. Fishing is popular amongst both locals and tourists who flock to the region to bask in the beautiful volcanic craters. Show more

What is the size of Lake Itasy?

At around 9 kilometers in length, with a depth of 6.5 meters and covering an area of 45 square kilometers, Lake Itasy is a great location for a fishing holiday. The lake's stunning volcanic craters create a unique and awe-inspiring environment, and it is easy to rent a fishing boat or hire a guide to show the best fishing spots. Show more

What other attractions can be found in the Itasy region besides fishing?

In addition to fishing, visitors to the Itasy region can explore the nearby attractions, including the Analavory cold-water geysers and the two Lily Waterfalls, surrounded by papaya plantations. The region has many other crater lakes that are also ideal for fishing. Taking scenic trips to explore the various extinct volcanic craters is an excellent way to enjoy the exquisite geological heritage of Madagascar. Show more

How long ago was the last volcanic eruption that gave rise to Lake Itasy?

Lake Itasy was created almost 8,000 years ago after the last volcanic eruption. Over the years, it has become a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts worldwide. The volcanic landscape of Itasy provides a remarkable experience to visitors, while the minerals in the lake water ensure a vibrant ecosystem for a wide range of aquatic life. Show more

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