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Fishing at Lake Itasy

Lake Itasy surrounded with volcanic landscapes is a dream of every fisherman


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Located in the volcanic region of Ampefy lake Itasy is a genuine treasure for every fisherman. The most convenient fishing season for tourists stretches from April to November when local fishermen are occupied with agricultural activities around the lake. The rest of the year the basin is exploited by hundreds and even thousands of locals who make their living largely by fishing. Lake Itasy emerged due to volcanic eruption. The last eruption occurred about 8000 years ago. It is 9 km in length and about 6,5 m in depth and its area is 45 Fish abundance is not the only attraction of the place. Itasy region is pierced with extinct volcanic craters and numerous crater lakes, which are fairly fish-rich too, besides there are Analavory cold water geysers and two Lily Waterfalls, surrounding papaya plantations. Therefore, if your friends or family does not share your passion for fishing, they will find what to do anyway.

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