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White Water Rafting

Madagascan white waters provide excellent routes for novices and experienced rafters


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Madagascan rivers are distinguished by safe conditions for rafting. The only risk is crocodiles inhabiting all the rivers, except for highlands. In spite of numerous bends, Mangoky river is considered to be the most suitable for novices. Likewise previous rafting experience is not required to explore Matsiatra river due to the full training provided. An average canoe trip takes 6 days and it usually provides lots of opportunities to observe unusual plants growing on river banks, unique reptiles, birds and other wildlife.

White Water Rafting in Madagascar - Best Season 2020

Mazy river is noted for a mini geyser and fresh springs which turn your canoe trip into a really thrilling experience. Manankazo river with its large slides and rapids naturally requires more skills.The most suitable time to white water raft is during the low level water period which is approximately mid-July to mid-February.

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