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Have you seen how chameleon changes colours? The world's smallest species is found only in Madagascar

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There are about 150 species of chameleon in the world and half of them could be seen in Madagascar. Three unique kinds of these lizards with independently swivelling eyes are almost entirely endemic to Madagascar: Brookesia chameleons, Calumma chameleons and Furcifer chameleons (19 species). Contrary to popular belief, chameleons change colour not to hide themselves but to communicate with each other.

Chameleons frequent the island’s drier habitat types. A popular place for watching chameleons is Parc National de la Montagne d’Ambre. In particular, it's the habitat of the world's smallest species—Brookesia chameleon. The tip of your thumbnail would be enough to accommodate a tiny fellow. It's not easy to spot, not only due to its size, but also because of its shyness and brown bark-like skin. Thankfully, you can always rely on local guides who have a good eye for these diminutive reptiles.

The best time to visit the National Park is August to November when the weather is drier and favourable for wildlife watching, and the worst time is December to April—the rainy season.

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