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Independence Day 2024

“Hira Gasy” or musical presentation of Malagasy folklore – the highlight of the Independence Day celebration

Independence Day
Independence Day

The festivities of the most significant event in Madagascar include traditional singing and dancing, military parades, eating and drinking contests, laser shows and fireworks display near the Lake Anosy located in the capital Antananarivo. The most prominent part of the celebration is “Hira Gasy”. This is a special musical presentation of Malagasy folklore, namely its myths and tales which represent the history and culture of Madagascar. Performers wear their best national attire. In the breaks between songs and dances narrators cite poetry or folk tales excerpts. The Republic of Madagascar proclaimed its independence from France on 26th of June in 1960. The feast is celebrated during two days with great pompousness and joy throughout the entire country, yet the greatest celebration is held in the capital.

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