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Large whale sharks, dolphins, manta rays and turtles - marine life of Madagascar is colourful and super rich


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Travellies which can grow up to 170 cm and weight 80 kg, 2- meter barracudas, crocodile fish, leopard sharks, whale sharks, black tip reef sharks, turtles – this is just a small picture of life in untouched pristine coral reefs available near the coasts of Nosy Be Island. All the sharks listed above are harmless to humans. Whale shark is the largest one. Although it looks scary, it feeds on plankton and may even give you a ride on its back. One may see a manta ray known as a giant of the ocean, or a beautiful blue spotted ray. At the same time a plenty of colourful nudibranch sea slugs are scattered all around the sea-bed. There are several good dive sites, deep and shallow. Marine Park at Tanekily island is the most popular with tourists. Divers often choose more distant reefs like, for instance, the islands of the Mitsios or Radamas. Between September and November one might spot humpback whales while going on a boat to the chosen dive site. Besides, dolphins occasionally appear in sight. These months have another advantage for divers – the highest water temperatures which increases to the top mark of 32 C in November.

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