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Diving in Portugal

Portugal gives a ​wide range of diving opportunities from swimming with "blue giant" to contemplation of sunk submarine

Best time: April–October


The Algarve coast and Sesimbra are considered to be the best diving destinations in the country. Travellers say it's not comparable to the diving experience in Egypt or the Great Barrier Reef, yet, there's a great underwater world to be explored. In the nearby waters, divers can observe gorgonians, anemones, sponges, bream, snapper, pig fish, sunfish, crabs, octopus, cuttlefish and lobsters as well as places of a wreck. To meet such big water mammals as whales, it is better to travel to the Azores. For maritime history lovers diving sites of the North Portugal such as Marina de Leixões would be the best place. Diving season on mainland Portugal falls during​ summer months.​

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When is the most favorable time to go on a diving adventure in Portugal?

Diving enthusiast would agree that the best diving condition to go diving in Portugal is between April to October, which is considered the summer season. During this period, there are excellent opportunities for fantastic diving experiences, as the water is clear, and the weather is warm and favorable. It is advisable to wear wetsuits because the water temperature in Portugal can be very chilly. Show more

What are some of the locations for diving in Portugal?

Portugal is home to many diving locations, but Sesimbra and the Algarve coast are some of the best there is. These locations provide excellent opportunities to explore the underwater world of Portugal. They are home to various species of marine life, including sponges, anemones, bream, sunfish, pig fish, snapper, octopus, crabs, cuttlefish, and lobsters. The Azores, on the other hand, provide a chance to see denizens of the deeper sea, such as dolphins, whales, and sharks. North Portugal also has Marina de Leixões, home to several ships, warplanes, and other underwater artifacts that make the spot a must-go for maritime enthusiasts. Show more

What kind of marine life can be observed while diving in Portugal?

In Portugal, diverse marine life is waiting for enthusiasts to dive in and explore. Divers can discover gorgonians, anemones, sponges, bream, sunfish, pig fish, snapper, octopus, crabs, cuttlefish, lobsters, and seahorses, to name a few of the species in the area. Sharks and dolphins are also occasionally seen swimming within Portugal's waters. Shipwrecks such as the one in the Algarve coast have become artificial reefs, providing homes for various marine life and making the experience even more beautiful. Show more

Where is the best place to go diving in Portugal to see whales?

The Azores is the perfect spot for avid divers who want to see the varieties of whales the area boasts. Sperm whales, Humpbacks, and Blue Whales are among the whale species that make their home in Azores' waters. The Azores are designated as a Marine Protected Area, which ensures the safe diving of visitors. Aside from the creatures, several geological and volcanic formations, including underwater caves, provide a thrilling experience for divers. Show more

Which diving spots in Portugal provide maritime history enthusiasts an enticing opportunity to explore?

For maritime history enthusiasts, Marina de Leixões in North Portugal provides an excellent opportunity to explore the significant contributions of Portugal to maritime history. The harbor of Marina de Leixões has several military vessels and planes and many underwater artifacts that date back to more than 400 years of maritime history. The area also has a 1.5-kilometer wall that was erected to protect the harbor. The Azores, with its underwater volcanic formations and several underwater caves, provide a unique experience and a sense of the rich history that Portugal has to offer divers. Show more

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