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Portugal gives a ​wide range of diving opportunities from swimming with "blue giant" to contemplation of sunk submarine

Diving in Portugal 2019 - Best Time
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The Algarve coast and Sesimbra are considered to be the best diving destinations in the country. Travellers say it's not comparable to the diving experience in Egypt or the Great Barrier Reef, yet, there's a great underwater world to be explored. In the nearby waters, divers can observe gorgonians, anemones, sponges, bream, snapper, pig fish, sunfish, crabs, octopus, cuttlefish and lobsters as well as places of a wreck. To meet such big water mammals as whales, it is better to travel to the Azores. For maritime history lovers diving sites of the North Portugal such as Marina de Leixões would be the best place. Diving season on mainland Portugal falls during​ summer months.​

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