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Bullfighting (Corrida de Toros)

late March–early October • event

Madrid hosts one of the most prominent and prestigious bullfight ferias in the world

August Fiestas (Fiestas de Agosto)

02–15 August • event

Do not miss the August holidays in Madrid and get an opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of general fun

Rooftop Terraces at Sunset

June–August  • activity

Meet the sunset, drink cocktails, and take amazing panoramic shots from the summer terraces of restaurants and cafes

Spanish Ham (Jamón) with Melon

May–September • food

A simple but beautiful and healthy summer snack

Cotos Forest Trail, Rascafría

March–November • nature

An idyllic mountain landscape and crystal clear natural pools—that's what trekking in Cotos Forest can offer!

Anchovies in Vinegar (Boquerones en Vinagre)

June–August • food

It is especially pleasant to go to the bar on a hot summer day, drink a glass of ice-cold beer and eat Boquerones en Vinagre!

White Water Rafting

April–September  • activity

Depending on the season, the river changes its mood, and therefore white water rafting can be more or less extreme

Tinto de Verano (Spanish Summer Wine)

mid-May–mid-September • food

Tinto de verano is a refreshing red wine-based cocktail similar to sangria but not the same

Spanish White Wines

May–September • food

Summertime is the season of white wines in Spain

Duratón River Kayaking

March–November (all year round) • activity

Want something new? Try kayaking in a picturesque place

Sales (Rebajas)

early January–February | July–August • activity

The most pleasant thing in the season of sales in Madrid is to have fun and save money at the same time

Salmorejo Cordobés

May–September • food

Cold soup of Cordoba made of tomatoes and bread rivals the well-known Gazpacho

Andalusian Gazpacho

May–September • food

It may be a flavourful soup and a cool summer drink at the same time

Birdwatching at Wetlands and Riverbanks

June–August  • nature

The wetlands of Madrid are home to a variety of waterfowl that gather around water in great numbers during dry summer months

Public Swimming Pools

mid-May–mid-September  • activity

A perfect place to relax during the unbearable summer heat


San Juan Bonfire Festival (Noche de San Juan)

June 23–June 24 • event

Bonfires and songs highlight the celebration of St. John's Eve and summer solstice

Fiesta Dos de Mayo (Day of Madrid Festival)

May 02 • event

Fiesta Dos de Mayo is the City Day and a state holiday

Changing of the Guard at the Royal Palace

first Wednesday of each month, except for January, August, and September • event

The most cunning spectators come to occupy the best places inside and on the steps of the Almudena Cathedral long before the changing of the guard

Madrid Carnival

March 01–06, 2019 • event

Masks, wigs, and fancy dresses... This holiday without rules is celebrated on a large scale

Botanical Nights (Noches del Botánico)

June 21–July 29, 2018 • event

A summer holiday for music lovers is annually held in the Royal Botanic Garden

Christmas (Navidad)

late November–early January • event

The unique style and festivities will make your holidays in the Spanish capital remembered for a long time

Las Luminarias Festival

January 16 • event

A Spanish festival of fire and horses dedicated to St. Anthony

Madrid Horse Week

November 22–25, 2018 • event

Graceful horses, flamenco rhythms, fearless riders, and sports excitement—all of this awaits you at Madrid Horse Week

Madrid en Danza International Dance Festival

December 04–30, 2018 • event

Madrid en Danza Festival turns the city into a real dance capital for over three weeks every year

Rock 'n' Roll Madrid Marathon

April 28, 2019 • event

The peculiarity of this marathon is live music performed by numerous bands throughout a race, as well as a big rock concert at the finish

Olives & Olive Oil

December–February • food

Olive oil is the best the moment it is pressed, and January is the best month to check the shop shelves for a variety of bottled extra virgin

White Night Festival (La Noche en Blanco)

October 21, 2017 • event

What can you visit in Madrid in October for free? Of course, the festival "La Noche en Blanco!"

Holy Week (Semana Santa) & Easter

April 14–22, 2019 • event

Rolling drums, trumpets, and hundreds of religious worshippers in bright and colourful dress is the hallmark of Easter in Madrid

San Silvestre Vallecana

December 31 • event

Participate in the exciting New Year's footrace in Madrid

Three Kings Parade (Cavalcade of Magi)

January 05 • event

The Three Kings are responsible for fulfilling the traditional tasks of Santa Claus, namely for receiving letters and distributing gifts

La Rosaleda (Rose Garden)

May–June  • nature

The aroma of roses fills the area during spring and summer

New Year's Eve

December 31–January 01 • event

Eating 12 grapes, wearing red coloured underwear and preparing a special cake is only a part of the incredible celebration in Spain

San Isidro Festival

May 11–May 15 • event

The holiday of San Isidro, one of the patrons of the city, has been celebrated in Madrid for centuries

La Pedriza Climbing

March–June | September–November • activity

One of the best areas in Spain for granite rock climbing and hiking, just an hour drive from the capital

Flamenco Madrid

May 2018 (TBA) • activity

Flamenco is not just a dance, it's a way of life and a way of expressing emotions both positive and negative

Cherry Blossoms

March–mid-April • nature

A mesmerizing and unique natural phenomenon in the spring


April 18–May 06, 2018 • event

The most famous musical event in the capital, Festimad attracts big names and young talents

Grape Harvest

September–October • activity

Despite Madrid doesn't boast a great fame of a wine-producing region, it still produces excellent wines, mostly locally

Bluethroat Watching

March–May • nature

Because of the frequent and loud chirping, these little birds are called "one hundred songs"

Madrid-Style Boiled Dinner (Cocido Madrileño)

December–February • food

The people of Madrid call it the "star and pearl" of the local cuisine

Madrid-Style Tripe (Callos a la Madrileña)

December–February • food

Try the traditional winter Spanish stew called "Callos a la madrileña" which is a favourite in Madrid

Los Veranos de la Villa

June–September (TBA) • event

"Los Veranos de la Villa" is one of the most awaited events in Madrid: concerts and theatre performances take place throughout the summer

Christmas Sweets

late December–early January • food

Treat yourself to real Christmas sweets favoured by Spaniards

Mushroom Season

late September–mid-December • activity

The mushroom season in Madrid is short, so fans of this "sport" do not lose time

Skiing and Snowboarding around Madrid

early December–early April  • activity

Although Madrid rarely sees snow, you can enjoy skiing just 52 km away from the capital atop some impressive mountains

Almond Blossoms in Quinta de Los Molinos

mid-March • nature

The flowering of almond trees is a sign that spring has come to Madrid

Snowshoeing in Sierra de Guadarrama

December–April • activity

An ideal way to explore the winter nature of Madrid, combining beautiful landscapes with clean, fresh air and useful exercise