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Best time of year to visit Portugal

Late spring and early autumn is the best time to visit Portugal. April and May can offer activities like diving and mountain biking. This time is also suitable for exploring Douro Valley or Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela. During the summer months, the country gets more crowded. The prices reach their peak in August due to summer holidays in most European countries. With an arrival of mild October, the crowds thin out, but the ocean water stays warm. The country is quite rainy from November through March but sightseeing, surfing and hiking during this period is fantastic!


Hiking in Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela

May–October • activity

One of the best hiking routes in Europe

Exploring Douro Valley

April–October • nature

One of the most beautiful places in Portugal

Wine Season

September–November • food

Witness grape harvesting and winemaking in one of Portugal's most famous​ wine regions

Chameleons and Other Reptiles in Algarve

September–November • nature

Best place in Europe to see amphibians and reptiles

The Algarve Beaches

June–September • nature

Algarve is consistently on the list of the world's best beaches

Passadiços do Paiva or Paiva Walkways

March–June | September–November • activity

Arouca Geopark boasts a 8-kilometer wooden walkway that is perfect for hiking

Mountain Biking in Algarve

April–October • activity

One of the top 50 places for bicycle ride in the world


April–October • activity

Portugal gives a ​wide range of diving opportunities from swimming with "blue giant" to contemplation of sunk submarine

Swimming with Dolphins

May–October • activity

Unique opportunity to see and swim with bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat

Feira de Barcelos

March–November • event

Visit noisy, chaotic and rich with colour and life weekly Barcelos market

Almond Harvest

September • food

Collecting almonds from the trees – Portugese farmers have done it for centuries

Vinho Verde

August–September • food

Light sparkling wines, perfect for summer heat

Sagres Birdwatching

August–November • nature

Fascinating insight of more than 170 bird species in one place


Lisbon Bullfighting

Easter Sunday–late August • event

Tauromaquia in Portugal is no less colourful than Spanish corrida

Surfing Atlantic

January–March • activity

Portugal is one of the finest Europe's surfing destinations

Rock in Rio Lisboa

June 29–30, 2018 • event

One of the world's biggest music and entertainment festivals

Peneda Geres National Park

April–May • nature

Come to see wild Portugal

The Tall Ship Races

August 03–06, 2018 • event

One of the most impressive sailing events worldwide


December 25 • food

Star of the show on Portugese Christmas dinner tables

Holy Week (Semana Santa) & Easter

April 14–20, 2019 • event

Feel the beauty of traditional ceremonies and delecious foods

Carnaval de Torres Vedras

March 01–06, 2019 • event

Traditional drums and bagpipes, large-scale​ allegorical floats, groups of masked revellers—carnival as it used to be for centuries

Sun-Dried Octopus

June–August • food

Grilled dry octopus is a popular Algarve snack

Serra da Estrela Cheese

November–March • food

Try traditional and internationally recognised sheep cheese

Boom Festival

August 2020 (TBA) • event

Open your mind at one of Europe's best psychedelic trance music events

Sardines Season

July–August • food

Sardine is the most popular fish in Portugal

Nazaré Big Waves Season

October–March • nature

A performance your eyes will refuse to believe


September 29 | November 01 | November 11 • event

A joyful harvest celebration when family and friends gather near the bonfire

Obidos Chocolate Festival

February 23–March 18, 2018 • event

Paradise for chocolate lovers in a medieval town of Óbidos in the very centre of Portugal

Festa de São João do Porto

June 23 • event

One of the greatest street parties that ends with impressive fireworks

Olive Harvest

November–January • food

Having delicate fruit flavour, Portuguese olives are not the same as in Spain and Greece

The “New Fairs” or Feiras Novas

September 05–10, 2018 • event

The traditional celebration of the end of the harvest

Fatima—Great Pilgrimage

October 13 | May 13 • event

The pilgrimage to the most famous place of Marian apparitions

Super Bock Super Rock

July 18–20, 2019 • event

World rock stars gather in Lisbon to take part in one of the biggest European rock festivals

Orange Blossom

April–May • nature

See picturesque Algrave region when it's covered in orange blossom

Almond Tree Blossom

late February–early March • nature

Almond trees blossom is marked with folklore festivals and special tours along Almond tree route

Orange Harvest

November–March • food

Oranges are an inherent part of Portugal

Peixe em Lisboa or Lisbon Fish & Flavours

April 05–15, 2018 • event

Creative fish and seafood tasting

Meia Maratona de Lisboa or Lisbon Half Marathon

March 17, 2019 • event

Take part in the record-holder half-marathon through one of the 20th longest bridges in the world

Sea Urchins

February–early March • food

An unusual Portuguese dish

Festival of Iberian Mask (Festival Internacional da Mascára Ibérica FIMI)

May 17–20, 2018 • event

During the first weekend of May people in masks and costumes take to the streets of Lisbon to celebrate historical and cultural ties that exist between Spanish and Portuguese regions

Epiphany Cake

December 24–January 06 • food

A traditional Catholic holiday marked with a crown-shaped cake, dances and singing

Serra da Estrela Skiing

December–April • activity

The best suited to beginner skiers and snowboarders

Winter Food–Caldo Verde

December–February • food

A traditional​ soup is one of the best winter comfort foods of all times