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Sep01 - Sep11:SEPTEMBER 01 - SEPTEMBER 11:


Hiking in Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela

May–October • activity

One of the best hiking routes in Europe

Wine Season

September–November • food

Witness grape harvesting and winemaking in one of Portugal's most famous​ wine regions

Chameleons and Other Reptiles in Algarve

September–November • nature

Best place in Europe to see amphibians and reptiles

Exploring Douro Valley

April–October • nature

One of the most beautiful places in Portugal

Passadiços do Paiva or Paiva Walkways

March–June | September–November • activity

Arouca Geopark boasts a 8-kilometer wooden walkway that is perfect for hiking


April–October • activity

Portugal gives a ​wide range of diving opportunities from swimming with "blue giant" to contemplation of sunk submarine

Mountain Biking in Algarve

April–October • activity

One of the top 50 places for bicycle ride in the world

The Algarve Beaches

June–September • nature

Algarve is consistently on the list of the world's best beaches

Sun-Dried Octopus

June–August • food

Grilled dry octopus is a popular Algarve snack

Sardines Season

July–August • food

Sardine is the most popular fish in Portugal

Almond Harvest

September • food

Collecting almonds from the trees – Portugese farmers have done it for centuries

Vinho Verde

August–September • food

Light sparkling wines, perfect for summer heat

Sagres Birdwatching

August–November • nature

Fascinating insight of more than 170 bird species in one place

Swimming with Dolphins

May–October • activity

Unique opportunity to see and swim with bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat

Feira de Barcelos

March–November • event

Visit noisy, chaotic and rich with colour and life weekly Barcelos market


Surfing Atlantic

not in rangeJanuary–March • activity

Portugal is one of the finest Europe's surfing destinations

Tauromaquia or Bullfighting

not in rangeEaster Sunday–late August • event

Tauromaquia in Portugal is no less colourful than Spanish corrida

Rock in Rio Lisboa

not in rangeMay 2018 (TBA) • event

One of the world's biggest music and entertainment festival

Easter Holy Week

not in rangeMarch 25–31, 2018 • event

Feel the beauty of traditional ceremonies and delecious foods


not in rangeDecember 25 • food

Star of the show on Portugese Christmas dinner tables

Carnaval de Torres Vedras

not in rangeFebruary 09–14, 2018 • event

Traditional drums and bagpipes, large-scale​ allegorical floats, groups of masked revellers—carnival as it used to be for centuries

Peneda Geres National Park

not in rangeApril–May • nature

Come to see wild Portugal

The Tall Ship Races

not in range • event

One of the most impressive sailing events worldwide

Boom Festival

not in rangeAugust 2018 (TBA) • event

Open your mind at one of the Europe's best psychedelic trance music event

Serra da Estrela Cheese

not in rangeNovember–March • food

Try traditional and internationally recognised sheep cheese


not in rangeSeptember 29 | November 01 | November 11 • event

A joyful harvest celebration when family and friends gather near the bonfire

Festa de São João do Porto

not in rangeJune 23 • event

One of the greatest street parties that ends with impressive fireworks

The “New Fairs” or Feiras Novas

not in rangeSeptember 15–17, 2017 • event

The traditional celebration of the end of the harvest

Obidos Chocolate Festival

not in range • event

Paradise for chocolate lovers in a medieval town of Óbidos in the very centre of Portugal

Fatima—Great Pilgrimage

not in rangeOctober 13 | May 13 • event

The pilgrimage to the most famous place of Marian apparitions

Olive Harvest

not in rangeNovember–January • food

Having delicate fruit flavour, Portuguese olives are not the same as in Spain and Greece

Almond Tree Blossom

not in rangelate February–early March • nature

Almond trees blossom is marked with folklore festivals and special tours along Almond tree route

Epiphany Cake

not in rangeDecember 24–January 06 • food

A traditional Catholic holiday marked with a crown-shaped cake, dances and singing

Sea Urchins

not in rangeFebruary–early March • food

An unusual Portuguese dish

Orange Harvest

not in rangeNovember–March • food

Oranges are an inherent part of Portugal

Orange Blossom

not in rangeApril–May • nature

See picturesque Algrave region when it's covered in orange blossom

Peixe em Lisboa or Lisbon Fish & Flavours

not in range • event

Creative fish and seafood tasting

Meia Maratona de Lisboa or Lisbon Half Marathon

not in rangeMarch 11, 2018 • event

Take part in the record-holder half-marathon through one of the 20th longest bridges in the world

Serra da Estrela Skiing

not in rangeDecember–April • activity

The best suited to beginner skiers and snowboarders

Winter Food–Caldo Verde

not in rangeDecember–February • food

A traditional​ soup is one of the best winter comfort foods of all times