Best time to go to Porto

New Year's Eve 2023-2024

Enjoy one of the biggest firework shows in the world here in Porto

There are many places in Porto where people gather to celebrate New Year's Eve. On December 31 each year, thousands of tourists come to Porto to enjoy street parties, firework shows, and other special celebrations. So let's see what's in store for visitors.


People say the New Year's Eve party on Avenida dos Aliados, next to the City Hall is the biggest one in Porto. But there will be a variety of other fun things to do. For example, you can spend the night on one of the cruise ships on the Douro River or greet the upcoming year in one of Porto's nightclubs. The Porto Customs Building, Palacio da Bolsa, the Transparent Building, Sa da Bandeira Theater, Hard Club, and Club 3 C are some of the other big places where New Year's Eve parties are held.


At midnight on December 31, a spectacular firework show magically lights up the sky in Porto. The bright display is a sign of hope for the coming year, so locals take it very seriously. You'll witness a bunch of colorful light bursts against the dark sky. Even though the fireworks are set off in different parts of the city, they can all be seen from everywhere. So remember to book your housing in advance and have fun!

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