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Sardines Season

July–August • food

Sardine is the most popular fish in Portugal

Vinho Verde

August–September • food

Light sparkling wines, perfect for summer heat

Arrábida Nature Park

April–October (all year round) • nature

This area offers a wide selection of activities—hiking, diving, exploring flora and fauna, and local product tasting

Beach Season

May–September • activity

There are plenty of places for relaxation in Lisbon surroundings

Arriba Fóssil da Costa de Caparica Protected Landscape

March–October (all year round) • nature

Picturesque prehistoric cliffs hang over vast beaches creating an impressive landscape

Tagus River Sunset Cruise

May–September (all year round) • activity

Looking at Lisbon from its waterfront gives you a different perspective

Summer Jazz Concerts

May–September • event

During summer, dozens of jazz concerts take place around the city


all year round  • activity

Reefs, wrecks, deep dives—a lot of opportunities are open to divers in the vicinity of Lisbon


Lisbon Bullfighting

Easter Sunday–late August • event

Tauromaquia in Portugal is no less colourful than Spanish corrida

Wine Season

September–November • food

Witness grape harvesting and winemaking in one of Portugal's most famous​ wine regions

Rock in Rio Lisboa

June 29–30, 2018 • event

One of the world's biggest music and entertainment festivals


December 25 • food

Star of the show on Portugese Christmas dinner tables

Carnaval de Torres Vedras

March 01–06, 2019 • event

Traditional drums and bagpipes, large-scale​ allegorical floats, groups of masked revellers—carnival as it used to be for centuries


September 29 | November 01 | November 11 • event

A joyful harvest celebration when family and friends gather near the bonfire

Sintra & Sintra-Cascais Nature Park

October–May • activity

This fairy-tale town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The serene and picturesque area combines impressive architecture and unique nature

Super Bock Super Rock

July 18–20, 2019 • event

World rock stars gather in Lisbon to take part in one of the biggest European rock festivals

Flamingos in the Tagus Estuary Natural Reserve

October–November • nature

Endless flocks of pink flamingos occupy the wetland for the winter season

Festival Silêncio

September 27–30, 2018 • event

The participatory festival celebrates the word integrating it into all forms of contemporary art

Lisboa Dance Festival

March 09–10, 2018 • event

The sounds of electronic music shake the walls of this 19th-century weaving factory


September–May • activity

Surfers enjoy the vast coasts in Lisbon vicinity

Orange Blossom

April–May • nature

See picturesque Algrave region when it's covered in orange blossom

Peixe em Lisboa or Lisbon Fish & Flavours

April 05–15, 2018 • event

Creative fish and seafood tasting

Meia Maratona de Lisboa or Lisbon Half Marathon

March 17, 2019 • event

Take part in the record-holder half-marathon through one of the 20th longest bridges in the world

Festas de Lisboa

June • event

Every June the streets of Lisbon are decorated, and the smell of grilled sardines fills the air for a few days

NOS Alive Festival

July 12–14, 2018 • event

An open-air indie, rock, and pop music festival near Lisbon

Brunch Electronik

July 29–September 16, 2018 • event

A series of open-air weekend events full of electronic music and activities for both kids and adults

Festival of Iberian Mask (Festival Internacional da Mascára Ibérica FIMI)

May 17–20, 2018 • event

During the first weekend of May people in masks and costumes take to the streets of Lisbon to celebrate historical and cultural ties that exist between Spanish and Portuguese regions

Sea Urchins

February–early March • food

An unusual Portuguese dish

Summer Nights at Chiado Museum

August 03–24, 2018 • event

Free concerts gather people in the Sculpture Garden of the Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea do Chiado every August


August 31–September 02, 2018 • event

This three-day festival combines electronic music and contemporary culture

São Silvestre de Lisboa

December 30, 2017 • event

Every year since 2008 this race occupies the streets of Lisbon


October–April • nature

During the migration season, Lisbon and its vicinity turn into a wintering site and migration stop-off point for thousands of birds

Epiphany Cake

December 24–January 06 • food

A traditional Catholic holiday marked with a crown-shaped cake, dances and singing

Lisbon Book Fair (Feira do Livro de Lisboa)

May 25–June 13, 2018 • event

Residents of Lisbon know how to make a large-scale cultural event.

CCB Summer & Sun Set

July 13–September 07, 2018 • event

Listen to the jazz music and watch movies in the Centro Cultural de Belém

Winter Food–Caldo Verde

December–February • food

A traditional​ soup is one of the best winter comfort foods of all times