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Orange Blossom in Portugal

See picturesque Algrave region when it's covered in orange blossom

Orange Blossom
Orange Blossom
Orange Blossom

Portugal's southernmost region of Algarve is the country's prime orange-growing area, which produces up to 70% of the crops. The reasons are local sol characteristics, Mediterranean climate, and also plenty of water supply. Some of the largest orange groves are situated in Silves close to the Rio Arade, Loulé, and Tavira, straddling the Gilão River.

Every spring, orange trees are in blossom pleasing the eyes and spreading a great aroma. If you wish to experience this season, plan your visit between April and May.

Practical info

What is the best time to visit Algarve region in Portugal?

Between April and May, Algarve region in Portugal is at its best. Tourists flock the region to witness the beautiful sights of orange trees in full blossom. The warm weather, with temperatures averaging 20℃, makes it perfect for outdoor activities. This period presents an opportunity to explore the beaches and local delicacies that the area has to offer. There are also several festivals and events that tourists can indulge in, making it an ideal time to visit the region. Show more

Where are the largest orange groves located in Portugal?

In Silves, Loulé, and Tavira, the largest orange groves in Portugal can be found. The unique combination of Mediterranean climate, favorable soil characteristics, and water supply around the Rio Arade and Gilão River allows up to 70% of orange production in the country to come from these areas. These regions are a perfect place to experience orange blossom and visit as a tourist in Portugal. Show more

When do orange trees blossom in Algarve region?

The blossoming of orange trees in Algarve region occurs between April and May, during the spring. This time presents a breathtaking and aromatic view for tourists to enjoy. Furthermore, traditional festivals and events also take place during this period, adding an extra layer of attraction for tourists to experience when visiting the region. Show more

What is the unique characteristic of Algarve's soil for orange cultivation?

Algarve region's soil is as unique as it is suitable for orange cultivation. A combination of red clay, sand, and limestone creates nutrient-rich soil, helping to foster quality oranges. The moderate salt content in the soil and ideal water supply from nearby rivers such as Arade and Gilão, coupled with a warm and dry Mediterranean climate, offers an even better opportunity for orange cultivation throughout the year, yielding up to three crops annually. Show more

What is the percentage of orange production in Algarve region compared to other regions in Portugal?

Algarve region leads the orange production industry in Portugal and accounts for up to 70% of the country's total production. This region boasts the ideal climate, soil type, and water supply suitable for orange cultivation, making it a preferred location for farmers. Tourists and locals alike appreciate the sweet and rich flavor of oranges from this region, which is a testament to the quality of production Algarve is known for. Show more

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