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Cherry Blossoms in Dublin

Take a delightful stroll around the city when its cherry trees are in full bloom

Cherry Blossoms in Dublin
Cherry Blossoms in Dublin

With the onset of spring, lots of blooms sprout here and there across Dublin. In terms of cherry blossoms, the city houses some of the most scenic places in all of Ireland. We've rounded up the finest locations to check out in late April and early May. So read on to find out more.

Herbert Park

You can feel that spring is in the air upon the first step into Herbert Park. This site is number one when it comes to cherry blossom displays for the most significant number of cherry trees found in the city. Besides, the park is located outside the city center, in southern Dublin near Ballsbridge, so you'll have more privacy to appreciate the tunnels of lush sakura flowers. Sadly, in recent years, Dublin City Council has cut down a number of trees in Herbert Park, but the place still remains quite colorful in spring.

Phoenix Park

A vast Phoenix Park set west of the city center is another favorite location for cherry blossoms in the capital. See the Irish National War Memorial Gardens first and then head to Farmleigh House back in the park. In addition to exuberant flowers, you can also enjoy the Experience Japan Hanami Festival, which takes place in April at Farmleigh. This fun-packed celebration provides entertainment for the whole family. The latest announcements are available on the festival's official website (see External Resources below).

Central parks

The central part of Dublin also has lots of lovely spots with cherry blossoms. These include St. Stephen's Green, Merrion Square Park, and Trinity College Dublin, just to name a few. The most pleasing thing about choosing the city center is that all locations lie beside each other, just a short walk away, so you can practically see them all at once.

If you need any further information about visiting Dublin, please consult the city's official tourism website or Facebook listed in the External Resources below. Also, consider booking your stay in advance using the map below featuring the most convenient options nearby.

Practical info

When is the best time to see cherry blossoms in Dublin?

The perfect time to witness the cherry blossoms in Dublin is from late April to early May because of the maritime climate, so it is advisable to check the weather circumstances before visiting the cherry blossom spots. Show more

Where are the best locations to see cherry blossoms in Dublin?

Apart from Herbert Park and Phoenix Park, other best locations to see cherry blossoms in Dublin include St. Stephen's Green, Merrion Square Park, and Trinity College Dublin. Herbert and Phoenix Parks have more significant numbers of cherry blossoms, whereas St. Stephen's Green, Merrion Square Park, and Trinity College Dublin are present close to each other for a city center visit. Show more

What is the Experience Japan Hanami Festival in Phoenix Park?

Farmleigh House in Phoenix Park hosts the Experience Japan Hanami Festival every year in April. The function celebrates Japanese and Irish cultures to promote friendship between both countries. It offers Japanese music, dance, martial arts, traditional Japanese food, and a children's zone filled with many activities. Show more

What other parks in Dublin have cherry blossoms besides Herbert Park and Phoenix Park?

If you're exploring Dublin and want to see cherry blossoms, then you shouldn't restrict your trail to only Herbert Park and Phoenix Park. Other than these two famous spots, visitors can explore Iveagh Gardens, Fitzwilliam Square, and Mountjoy Square Park and witness the cherry blossoms' beauty. Show more

Can I find accommodation near the cherry blossom locations in Dublin?

Besides the beauty of cherry blossoms, tourists can also find accommodation options near these locations. Several hotels, guesthouses, and apartments are available to rent in the Ballsbridge, St. Stephen's Green, and Trinity College Dublin areas. The official tourism website of Dublin can provide a list of accommodations for visitors to consider nearby cherry blossom locations. Show more

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