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Regent's Park Open Air Theatre

late May–early September • event

The actors perform in both warm starry nights and stormy weather

Globe Theatre

May–October • event

Would you like to visit a Renaissance Theatre? The reconstructed open-air Globe stages plays in a 17th century fashion

Paddling on the Thames

March–October • activity

Observe London's historical buildings while drifting along the River Thames

The Notting Hill Carnival

August 27–28, 2017 (TBC) • event

The capital of Great Britain is hardly recognizable when the Afro-Carribean spirit revels in the streets of London

BBC Proms

July 14–September 09, 2017 • event

One classical music concert can heal your soul, develop more positive thinking, and improve your productivity

Birdwatching in Barnes

April–October • nature

Anything from wetland birds to wildfowl and migrating species can be found in the large area of the London Wetland Centre

Horse and Pony Riding

April–October • activity

Horses—for adults, ponies—for younger riders, and beautiful natural trails with windmills​ and red deer—for all to enjoy

Street Performances

June–August • event

Besides oranges, Covent Garden's jugglers are skilled enough to shuffle knives and chainsaws

Buckingham Palace Tours

August–September • activity

The finest pieces of art, exquisite furniture, and the overall magnificence of the palace evoke great awe


June–August • food

Be sure to try the local lobster in London

Power Kiting

April–October • activity

It's an amazing feeling to be literally carried away by a kite in Richmond Park

Hunting Season

August, 12–February • activity

While London's licensed hunters try their shooting skills, you can treat your stomach to some delicious game meat


April–October • activity

Though London has no access to the sea or ocean, it has the Thames River and moreover—ponds to bathe in

Watersports at West Reservoir Centre

April–October • activity

West Reservoir offers a variety of watersports from sailing to canoe polo

Mushroom Season

September–October • food

Are you keen on fresh mushrooms? Local porcini must be a real treat for you!

Parkour in Westminster

April–October • activity

Make your way through the labyrinth of obstacles in The Leap—the largest parkour park in the world


Trooping the Colour & The Queen's Birthday Parade

not in rangeJune 16, 2018 • event

Even rows of marching soldiers called "Trooping the Colors​," royal flyovers, and salutes celebrate the Birthday of Her Majesty

BFI London Film Festival

not in rangeOctober 04–15, 2017 • event

This is a great event for the local and international film industry and a wonderful occasion to meet your favourite actors in person

Open House London

not in rangeSeptember 16–17, 2017 • event

A unique occasion to discover London's secret venues with free guided tours

Hogwarts in the Snow

not in rangeNovember 18 2017–February 04 2018 • activity

Still waiting for your invitation letter to Hogwarts? Luckily, today muggles can freely roam the school for wizards!

Changing of the Guard

not in rangeApril–July • event

A guard in an iconic scarlet tunic and bearskin hat must be always on alert to protect the Queen, so the changing of the guard is a vital tradition

Museums at Night

not in rangeOctober 27–28, 2017 • event

Museums have a special charm when explored at night—​you might see something special you'd miss during the day

Royal Gun Salutes

not in rangeFebruary 06 | April 21 | June 02 | November 14 • event

Gun salutes mark special occasions in London often associated with the Royal Family

St Patrick's Day Parade

not in rangeMarch 18, 2018 • event

Raise a glass to Ireland while the green procession paves its way through the centre of London

London Wine Week

not in range • event

Wherever you go, you'll be offered a sip of wine


not in rangeOctober 31 • event

Owing to its long and sometimes bloody history there's no shortage of hauntings and ghosts in London if you know where to look

Opera Holland Park

not in rangeJune 01–July 29, 2017 • event

The London open air opera has its own charm and worldclass performances


not in rangelate-February–March • nature

Exploring London's parks, one might find a "Crocus Carpet" or even an entire meadow of crocuses

Feast of St George in Trafalgar Square

not in range • event

Although the identity and the origin of England's patron saint are not 100% clear, the feast bears a great importance for this nation

Canalway Cavalcade

not in range • event

A range of nice neat boats arrive to the canalway of London's Little Venice

Horse-Racing: Royal Ascot

not in rangeJune 19–23, 2018 • event

Royal Ascot combines exquisite English fashion with high-quality racing

Bonfire Night

not in rangeNovember 04, 2017 • event

Thanks to Guy Fawkes' attempt to kill James I, Londoners have another reason to set off fireworks and eat festive toff​ees

Covent Garden May Fayre and Puppet Festival

not in rangeMay 13, 2018 • event

A puppet show holiday is a great delight for the whole family

Taste of London

not in range • event

Nothing motivates more that the desire to be the best, so just relax and let the chefs try to please your palate

Ice Skating

not in rangemid-November–early January • activity

London's historical and modern landmarks make this traditional winter activity into a truly beautiful experience

Lord Mayor's Show

not in rangeNovember 12 • event

London celebrates an 800-year-old tradition as the iconic golden coach takes the mayor to the Queen

Camellia Showcase

not in rangelate February–March • nature

Apart from China and Japan, Chiswick's Camellias are the oldest in the world

Hampton Court Palace Festival

not in rangeJuly 2017 (TBA) • event

Ten days of July are devoted to music and comedy to entertain the nightly visitors of Henry VIII's Palace Court

Rugby Union

not in rangeSeptember–May • event

England takes great pride in Rugby Union, the oldest type of rugby football

Premier League

not in range • event

Crazy about football? Give in to your passion at the greatest games of the English Premier League hosted in the capital

Spring Blossoms

not in rangeMarch–May • nature

Floral show continues throughout the entire spring starting from daffodils in early March until wisteria in late May

The London Design Festival

not in rangeSeptember 16–24, 2017 • event

The world's capital of design dictates the best modern styles

Duck and Goose Eggs

not in rangeFebruary–June | September • food

Try a duck or goose egg omelette for a change or for the sake of new experience. You may develop a taste for it!

Christmas Carols

not in rangelate November–late December • event

Angelic singers celebrate the holidays and share goodwill and joy with Christmas carols

Winter at the Southbank Centre with Natwest

not in rangemid-November to late January • event

The Southbank Centre promises great winter fun starting with a Christmas fair and seasonal treats and captivating snow spectacles

Rhubarb and Ginger Crumble

not in rangeMay • food

Sour rhubarb crumble topped with ginger and sweetened with cicely leaves is a classic London favorite

Halloween Treats

not in rangeOctober 31 • food

The taste of Halloween is embodied in cubed earwax, eyeball cubes, jelly dentures, and blood shots available in haunted pubs


not in rangeOctober–February • food

In the 19th century, oysters were cheap and abundant, nowadays—much more expensive and scarce so be appreciative!

Jerusalem Artichokes

not in rangeSeptember–March • food

Though the once named "Girasole" artichokes have been renamed "Jerusalem" artichokes though the great taste remains the same

Virgin Money London Marathon

not in range • event

This London Marathon is a great way to observe the main landmarks of the city and collect money for charity all in a single day

London Restaurant Festival

not in rangeOctober • food

Even if you try 11 restaurants a day for every day of October you still won't get them all!

London Fashion Week

not in rangeSeptember 15–19, 2017 • event

London has become a fashion Mecca for talented young designers