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Birdwatching in Barnes

Anything from wetland birds to wildfowl and migrating species can be found in the large area of the London Wetland Centre

Birdwatching in Barnes in London 2019 - Best Time
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© Barry Chesterman

London has a few birdwatching spots, but the best one is the London Wetland Centre in Barnes. The habitat encompasses water, mud, reedbed, marsh, and woodland areas and offers rewarding birdwatching throughout the year. Each season h​as its highlights, but migratory birds are a definite favorite and not to be missed. The entire area of the Wetland Centre is huge and constitutes 161,874 square meters. You may benefit from a free daily guided tour starting at 11 a.m. and two p.m. as well as take part in a feeding procedure at 3 p.m. The greatest amount of bird species is ​observable in summer from April to October.​

Bittern 2019
Tufted duck 2019
Tufted duck
Lapwings 2019
Common tern, diving 2019
Common tern, diving
Common shovellers 2019
Common shovellers