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Birdwatching in Barnes in London

Anything from wetland birds to wildfowl and migrating species can be found in the large area of the London Wetland Centre

Best time: April–October

Birdwatching in Barnes
Birdwatching in Barnes
Birdwatching in Barnes
Birdwatching in Barnes
Birdwatching in Barnes
Birdwatching in Barnes

London has a few birdwatching spots, but the best one is the London Wetland Centre in Barnes. The habitat encompasses water, mud, reedbed, marsh, and woodland areas and offers rewarding birdwatching throughout the year. Each season h​as its highlights, but migratory birds are a definite favorite and not to be missed. The entire area of the Wetland Centre is huge and constitutes 161,874 square meters. You may benefit from a free daily guided tour starting at 11 a.m. and two p.m. as well as take part in a feeding procedure at 3 p.m. The greatest amount of bird species is ​observable in summer from April to October.​

Practical info

What birds live in the London Wetland Centre?

The London Wetland Centre has wetland birds, wildfowl, and migrating species. It hosts summer visitors such as sandpipers, swallows, and swifts in the summer months. During winter, there is a large presence of wildfowl. The birds are attracted by the wetland habitat of the area and the variety of species offers year-round observation. Show more

When is the ideal season for birdwatching in the London Wetland Centre?

To observe migratory birds, the best time for birdwatching in the London Wetland Centre is from April till October. Migratory bird species such as waders, swallows, sandpipers, and swifts can be seen during this period as they come here to breed. The Wetland Centre is open throughout the year. Each season offers a variety of other bird species to observe. Show more

Can visitors enjoy any tours or feeding sessions?

Guided tours commence daily at 11 a.m. and two p.m. free of charge to all visitors. The walk showcases the center's highlights. Visitors can also take part in the feeding process at 3 p.m. Participants get an up-close bird feeding experience and an opportunity to click some magnificent photographs. Show more

What location in the center offers the most variety and concentration of birds?

Although bird species are present throughout the London Wetland Center, the Woodland Hide in the gardens with other hides offers the best bird concentration and variety. Visitors have reported sightings of tawny owls, treecreepers, coal tits, and great spotted woodpeckers from this hide. Show more

Are there other good locations to go birdwatching in London besides the London Wetland Centre?

Apart from the London Wetland Centre, several other birdwatching locations in London offer fantastic sightings. The Rainham Marshes Reserve houses birds like bearded reedlings, while the Walthamstow Wetlands offers snipe, sparrowhawk, and kingfisher sightings. For urban green space, the Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park is suggested for its sparrowhawk, woodpecker, and song thrush sightings. Show more

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