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Atlantic Puffin

Cute Arctic Puffins distinguished by beautiful beaks nest in colonies along the Northern islands of Norway

Atlantic Puffin in Norway 2020 - Best Time

Norway is home to 30% of the world's Atlantic Puffin population. This is the smallest species of puffin and is also known as the Arctic Puffin. These cute birds are distinguished by bright-colored mosaic-like beaks. Puffins prefer to live on the sea and might be found ashore only during their breeding season. However, the baby puffins or pufflings are carefully hidden in the ground holes to protect them from predators, so it is practically impossible to observe the chicks.

Atlantic Puffin in Norway - Best Season 2020

The colonies of Atlantic Puffins nest mainly in the Northern Norway, in particular in Lovund Island, Western Spitsbergen, and Anda Island. They begin arriving in the islands in March, but the peak season is in May. The breeding season comes to its end during August.

Atlantic Puffins in Karmøy, Norway 2020
Atlantic Puffins in Karmøy, Norway

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