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The Tall Ship Races

July 11–14, 2018 | July 18–21, 2018 | July 26–29, 2018 | August 03–06, 2018 • event

One of the most impressive sailing events worldwide

Freetown Christiania

May–September (all year round) • activity

One of Copenhagen's most famous attractions, a town inside a town


April–early October • activity

All in all, Denmark is the home of Lego. Are you ready to go back to childhood in the kingdom full of Lego constructions and fun rides?


May–September • food

Don't mistake smørrebrød for a plain sandwich, because it isn't

Dyrehaven (Deerpark)

May–September | September–February • nature

An ex-royal hunting ground is now a great place for deer watching

White Cliffs of Møns Klint

April–October • activity

Perhaps the most beautiful beach and most interesting geological sight in the whole country

Grenen, the Northernmost Point in Denmark

June–August • activity

The point where two seas meet is unique in many ways

Blooming Fields

April–August • nature

The flat surface of the country has a lot to surprise you with

Kitesurfing and Windsurfing

May–September • activity

The windy weather of Denmark can be a good thing when it comes to these sports

Sailing Viking Ships

May–August • activity

It's not about watching. Here you can actually get to sail the ship

Copenhagen Jazz Festival

July 06–15, 2018 • event

Catch local and international jazz stars at the premier destination for music lovers

Wild Horses

April–September • nature

These noble creatures are left to wonder freely throughout Denmark

Seals in the Wadden Sea

June–September • nature

Visit vast beaches to watch seals in their natural habitat without disturbing them

Tivoli Gardens (Summer Season)

March 24–September 23, 2018 • activity

The oldest amusement park in the world invites for some of the most magical and nostalgic rides of all times, and lots of other exciting adventures

Copenhagen's Parks

mid-April–mid-October • activity

Drops of green, perfect for a break from the city's buzz

Beach Season

June–August • activity

For tough Scandinavians Denmark is almost like Palma de Mallorca

Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse

April–October • activity

The sand of time is especially merciless to this lighthouse

Søndervig Sand Sculpture Festival

May 16–October 28, 2018 • event

Jutland's sand turned into huge and impressive sculptures

Singing Trees (Park of Music)

All year • activity

An unusual park where you'll hear some famous songs

Lindholm Høje

early January–mid-December • activity

Denmark's most precious artefacts from both Germanic Iron Age and the Viking Age were found here


Roskilde Festival

June 30–July 07, 2018 • event

The largest music event in Northern Europe was inspired by Woodstock

Copenhagen Pride Week

August 13–19, 2018 • event

Once a year the world's LGBT community gathers in the most gay-friendly place on the planet to celebrate themselves

Moesgård Viking Moot

last weekend in July • event

Recreating the old and great traditional Viking fair day in Aarhus


May 30–June 03, 2018 • event

A week of massive daytime street parties and nightclub events

Black Sun or Starling Murmuration

mid-March–mid-April | mid-September–mid-October • nature

This strange, dancing, airy body is neither tornado nor ghost, but a million starlings!

Hans Christian Andersen's Birthday and Festival

April 02 • event

Visit Odense and learn more about H.C.Andersen, a man that became one of Denmark's symbols


late June • event

A two-week long party for the fresh graduates

Aarhus Festival

August 31–September 09, 2018 • event

The largest cultural event in Aarhus and one of the largest in Denmark

Sankt Hans Aften (Midsummer)

June 23 • event

A Nordic tradition, celebrated on the night before the Midsummer's Day

Strøm Festival

August 08–11, 2018 • event

The top electronic music festival in Scandinavia invades the city of Copenhagen for an entire week

Shakespeare Festival at Kronborg Castle

August 01–17, 2018 • event

Watch some masterfully performed Shakespearean play at Hamlet's castle


late November–early January • food

Essentially gløgg is like mulled wine, but with some additional treats

Christmas Food

late November–early January • food

Danes are creative when it comes to celebrating Christmas


March 03, 2019 • event

Come and try the old Danish tradition of 'tilting at the cat in the barrel'

Crocus Blooming at Rosenborg Castle

mid-March–early April • nature

A combination of the beauty of nature and Danish design

Copenhagen Architecture Festival (CAFx)

May 03–16, 2018 • event

The world's largest architecture festival embraces 3 cities, around 40 venues, 150 events, over 10 days, and thousands of visitors

Oyster Safari in the Wadden Sea

mid-October–April • activity

Denmark may not be a famous producer of oysters but it definitely has a thing or two to offer

Pickled Herring

All year • food

Pickled Herring as almost anything in Denmark, is a part of the Viking heritage