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JULY 08 - JULY 18:JULY 08 - JULY 18:


Hiking Trolltunga

mid-June–mid-September • activity

Hikers stand in line to take a frightful photo of themselves sitting at the very tip of the "Troll's tongue"

Hike to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock)

April–September • activity

This stone plateau is situated 600 m above tremendous Lysefjord and is a nice place to rest after the hike and enjoy a spectacular view

Blue Ice Walking

May–September • activity

Walking is always good, but when the hiking setting is a blue glacier—this exercise just becomes way more interesting

Trollstigen—the Troll’s Road

mid-May–October • activity

Steep slopes and abrupt turns are worth a drive to see the startling sceneries of surrounding mountains and maybe troll's humps

Whale Safari

June–August | November–March • activity

Meet these honored sea creatures in person on the Norwegian Arctic whale tours

Glacier Lake Kayaking

July–mid-September • activity

Kayaking in a lake enclosed with the glaciers and gazing at glassy wonders is a typical Norwegian pastime

Atlantic Puffin

late May–early August • nature

Cute Arctic Puffins distinguished by beautiful beaks nest in colonies along the Northern islands of Norway

Swimming in the Midnight Sun

June – August • activity

A midnight sun swim is a fun pastime during mild Norwegian summers

The Tall Ship Races

July 11–14, 2018 | July 18–21, 2018 | July 26–29, 2018 | August 03–06, 2018 • event

One of the most impressive sailing events worldwide

The Molde Panorama

May – October • nature

Take a long walk up to Varden to enjoy the breathtaking view on the fjord and the town


late July–early August • food

Whoever dares to pick up unripe cloudberries risks to be punished by law for wasting precious Arctic Gold

Polar Bear

July–August • nature

If not for polar bears, many arctic wildlife species could not survive

Polar Days

Mid-May – Late July • nature

In summer the sun lavishes Norway with the daylight all night long

Whaling Season

April–August • food

For centuries, Europeans have harvested whales for their fat and baleen

White Water Rafting

May–September • activity

Norwegian rivers are popular among the rafters throughout Europe for both beginners and experts

Salmon Fishing

June – August • activity

Gaula River ensures the best salmon fishing experience in Europe

Bird Spotting

May– Late August  • activity

North-Eastern Norway bursts into chirping and twittering during migratory bird breeding season

Brown Bears

June – Mid-August • nature

Better not to come across a hungry predator just after the end of hibernation season

Norge på Langs (Norway Lengthwise)

June–mid-October • activity

Unfortunately, or maybe, fortunately, there's no officially marked route, which means every hiker is to pave one's own unique trail, either more easy or complicated

Hiking in Jotunheimen National Park

mid-June–late August • activity

The highest peaks and the best landscapes of Norway are waiting to be conquered and admired

Sea Eagle Safari

Late March – Mid-October • nature

These majestic eagles, the "king of birds," swoop down on the narrow Norwegian fjords

Moose or Elk

June – August • nature

Norwegian fjord forests are home to the greatest species of deer—Moose


June–August  • activity

Adrenaline lover should try downhill longboarding on beautiful, steep and dangerous mountain roads of Norway

Wild Flowers

May–August • nature

Delicate flowers add liveliness and colour to seemingly barren Arctic Nordic fields


Late June – Late July • food

Norwegian strawberries are distinguished by a strong and sweet flavor


Reindeer Migration

January–February • nature

By the end of Christmas season, thousands of Santa's helpers set off for the two-month long trip across the frozen plains

The Atlantic Ocean Road

September–October • activity

This "road to nowhere" is reminiscent of a deadly roller coaster being beset by brutal ocean waves

Blue Hours

January–early February • nature

Sunless winter season has its own delight, when Norwegian landscapes bathe in glassy azure during blue hours

Northern or Polar Lights

late September–late March • nature

Northern lights become observable only in the darkest nights

Rørosmartnan or Røros Fair

February 20–24, 2018 • event

This ancient Scandinavian market is recreated in this special UNESCO world heritage site

World Reindeer Racing Championships

February 04, 2018 | April 01, 2018 • event

Enjoy a truly unique and often hilarious experience at the Reindeer Racing Championships

Dry Fish Rack

March – May • food

Plenty of unsalted cod is dried by cold spring winds and almost freezing temperatures on huge wooden racks

Outdoor Ice Skating

November–early March • activity

Norway is famous for its love for winter sports with ice skating being one of the locals' favourite

Sankt Hans

June 23 • event

Huge bonfires are lit to ward off evil witches while Norwegians are getting married for fun during the midnight sun


August – September • activity

Do you like walking through shallow flowing rivers, climbing slippery stones, and jumping from cliffs into pristine water?

Gladmat Festival

July 18–21, 2018 • event

There is no better occasion to revel in Scandinavian delicacies than Gladmat Festival

Bergen’s Gingerbread Town

Late November–December • activity

Gingerbread Bergen is filled with thousands of small beautiful details made of sweet dough

Kicksled World Championship

February 10, 2018 • event

A serious winter sports or just a kind of mock costume competition—any way a delightful pastime for both "kickers" and spectators


Mid-October – June • nature

You might look for a couple of walruses on your own, but your best shot is to take a boat to Pyramiden

Viking Festivals

June 07–10, 2018 | August 08–12, 2018 • event

The original setting and ancient Viking atmosphere makes you feel like a member of the warriors' camp

Skiing and Snowboarding

November – April • activity

Winter season invites tourists to try their hand at skiing and snowbording on the Norwegian slopes


June 24–July 01, 2018 • event

Extreme week in Voss is a unique occasion to try your hand at all the known extreme sports at once

Ice Music Festival

January 31–February 04, 2018 • event

Ice music was born in Norway thanks to the abundance of ice, talented ice sculptors, and ice musicians

Red and Black Currants or Rips and Solbær

Late September • food

A small portion of this berry sauce is sufficient to make a regular vanilla ice-cream taste heavenly good

Polar Nights

Late November – Mid-January • nature

Winter holidays in Norway will give you a glimpse of what it is like to live without sun and the curious ways to find amusement without it

Arctic Fox

November–March • nature

Dark in summer, Arctic fox dresses up into a white fur coat for winter


December 22 • event

Tourists join the residents of Kongsberg in Drekkedagsnatta to party like the town's 17th century miners used to

Reindeer Sledding and Sami Culture

November – March • activity

The versatile and fascinating Sami culture is built around good-natured reindeers, Sami legends, food, and intriguing folk music

Frost 'Flowers'

November–February • nature

The most unusual "flowers" that "bloom" only in winter

Crowberries, Krekling or Krøkebær

Late August • food

Hard, acidic and bitter crowberries are hardly ever eaten raw, but rather made into juices, wines, jellies, and sweets

Rjukan Icefestival

February 09–11, 2018 • event

Frozen waterfalls are a perfect setting for such festivities as ice climbing speed competitions

Cowberries or Tyttebær

early September • food

Sweet but sharp-flavored cowberry jam is traditionally served with meat

A Kiss from an Arctic Wolf

February – April • nature

Who taught arctic wolves to kiss humans? Would you dare to let an amiable predator lick your face?

Kirkenes Snow Hotel

Late December – Early April • activity

Thermal clothes, sleeping bags, and mattresses acompanied with Nordic vodka are very helpful in the snow hotel

St. Olav Festival

July 28–August 04, 2018 • event

The St. Olav Festival allows its visitors to go back to medieval ages and see the battle of Stiklestad with their own eyes

Ice Сlimbing

Mid-January – Mid-March • activity

Climbing up the icy rock is a life-time achievement you will be proud of 'til the end of days

Norway's National Day

May 17 • event

Norway celebrates its statehood through ceremonial parades. The biggest parade winds its way through the streets of Oslo


Mid-April – May 17 • event

The russ are wearing red pants inside out and red caps with a string of knots celebrating graduation

Snow Kiting

November – March • activity

Snowboarding and skiing with a giant wind-powered kite is a must-do experience for all the adrenaline seekers


November–early January • food

The Norwegian "water of life" contains spices, herbs, and around 40% alcohol. It is a common Christmas drink always present during festivities

World Cod Fishing Championship

March 16–17, 2018 • event

If you are lucky, you might be the next one to catch a record-breaking giant cod fish

Arctic Sea Ducks

January – February • nature

Norwegian arctic ducks amaze with their colors, vast numbers, and vocals

Narvik Winter Festival or Vinterfestuka

March 09–18, 2018 • event

Ofotbanen railway is the framework of the Narvik Winter Festival celebrating the town's culture and history


August–October • food

Thanks to local blackberries ice cream tastes even more delicious and cakes look more attractive

Rakfisk Festival

November 01–November 03 • event

Brine-cured trout is amazing at the Rakfisk Festival in Fagernes


November–early January • food

Not a single Norwegian Christmas party can do without warm spicy Gløgg, a local version of mulled wine

Sea Urchins

September–February • food

Sea urchins, also known as sea hedgehogs, are a special cool weather delicacy

Juleøl or Christmas Beer

November–early January • food

Long ago brewing Christmas beer was obligatory for all Norwegians and breaking this law was grounds for punishment

St. Lucia Day

December 13 • event

Children parade dressed in white, carrying candles, singing songs, and hand out festive buns

Horse Riding in the Snow

November – March • activity

Hardy Scandinavian horses have been the most reliable means of transportation for centuries

Autumn Migrations

September – October • nature

Birds flocks break the night silence with their farewell cries during the autumn migration

Fårikål Season

September • food

Norwegian children are taught to cook traditional lamb and cabbage stew in elementary schools

King Crab Safari

October–January • activity

Join professional divers to hunt one of the biggest crab species in the world!

Pickled Herring

Mid-December – Late-June • food

Herring pickled with onions, garlic, mustard, lingonberries, and other flavorings is a great Norwegian delight


Late August • food

Known for excellent healing and anti-aging qualities, bilberries have been used in medicine for ages

Julebrus or Christmas Soda

November – Early January • food

Raspberry or champagne-flavored Julebrus is a favorite Norwegian softdrink for Christmas

Christmas Desserts: Multekrem, Riskrem, Marzipan Christmas Pig

November–early January • food

Soft and creamy vanilla-flavored puddings topped with fruit preserves that melt in your mouth. These desserts are a must try during the holidays

Christmas Specialies: Ribbe with Medisterkaker, Pinnekjøtt with Kålrotstappe

November–early January • food

Roast pork ribs with meatballs or lamb ribs smoked over birch branches - any choice will be delicious

Lussekatt Buns

December 06–December 13 • food

Lussekatt buns are typical saffron treats served on St. Lucia Day

Great Snipe

Mid-May – Mid-June • nature

Eager males attract females' attention performing a polyphonic mating song

Norwegian Lobster

October–November • food

To preserve the stock of Norwegian lobsters for the future years the young and spawning crayfish goes back to the sea

Arctic Race of Norway

August 10–13, 2017 • event

This 700 km racing route winds along the picturesque lands of Northern Norway

Finnbiff or Reindeer Stew

September – January • food

A plate of hot reindeer stew will keep you warm, sated, and full of energy during a frosty winter day

Christmas Specialties: Lutefisk and Fresh Cod

November – Early January • food

A watery, jelly-like lutefisk and fresh cod boiled in salted water are still beloved Norwegian Christmas fish delicacies

Skrei Season

January – April • food

The world's healthiest whitefish is abundant in the waters along the Norwegian coast during winter season

Morello Cherries or Moreller

mid-August • food

The sourness of morello cherries perfectly suits tart berry pies and serves as an excellent topping for poultry

Pepperkaker Biscuits

November – Early January  • food

Snow crunches under your feet and Pepperkaker biscuits crunch in your mouth

Christmas Ham and Sausage

November–early January • food

Succulent Christmas ham and a savory pork sausage is a highlight of Christmas cuisine all throughout Norway.