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JULY 17 - JULY 26:JULY 17 - JULY 26:


Hiking Trolltunga

mid-June–mid-September • activity

Hikers stand in line to take a frightful photo of themselves sitting at the very tip of the "Troll's tongue"

Hike to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock)

April–September • activity

This stone plateau is situated 600 m above tremendous Lysefjord and is a nice place to rest after the hike and enjoy a spectacular view

Blue Ice Walking

May–September • activity

Walking is always good, but when the hiking setting is a blue glacier—this exercise just becomes way more interesting

Trollstigen—the Troll’s Road

mid-May–October • activity

Steep slopes and abrupt turns are worth a drive to see the startling sceneries of surrounding mountains and maybe troll's humps

Whale Safari

June–August | November–March • activity

Meet these honored sea creatures in person on the Norwegian Arctic whale tours

Glacier Lake Kayaking

July–mid-September • activity

Kayaking in a lake enclosed with the glaciers and gazing at glassy wonders is a typical Norwegian pastime

Swimming in the Midnight Sun

June – August • activity

A midnight sun swim is a fun pastime during mild Norwegian summers

The Molde Panorama

May – October • nature

Take a long walk up to Varden to enjoy the breathtaking view on the fjord and the town

Atlantic Puffin

late May–early August • nature

Cute Arctic Puffins distinguished by beautiful beaks nest in colonies along the Northern islands of Norway

The Tall Ship Races

July 11–14, 2018 | July 18–21, 2018 | July 26–29, 2018 | August 03–06, 2018 • event

One of the most impressive sailing events worldwide

Gladmat Festival

July 18–21, 2018 • event

There is no better occasion to revel in Scandinavian delicacies than Gladmat Festival

Polar Bear

July–August • nature

If not for polar bears, many arctic wildlife species could not survive

Polar Days

Mid-May – Late July • nature

In summer the sun lavishes Norway with the daylight all night long


late July–early August • food

Whoever dares to pick up unripe cloudberries risks to be punished by law for wasting precious Arctic Gold

White Water Rafting

May–September • activity

Norwegian rivers are popular among the rafters throughout Europe for both beginners and experts

Hiking in Jotunheimen National Park

mid-June–late August • activity

The highest peaks and the best landscapes of Norway are waiting to be conquered and admired

Whaling Season

April–August • food

For centuries, Europeans have harvested whales for their fat and baleen

Bird Spotting

May– Late August  • activity

North-Eastern Norway bursts into chirping and twittering during migratory bird breeding season

Salmon Fishing

June – August • activity

Gaula River ensures the best salmon fishing experience in Europe

Sea Eagle Safari

Late March – Mid-October • nature

These majestic eagles, the "king of birds," swoop down on the narrow Norwegian fjords

Norge på Langs (Norway Lengthwise)

June–mid-October • activity

Unfortunately, or maybe, fortunately, there's no officially marked route, which means every hiker is to pave one's own unique trail, either more easy or complicated

Brown Bears

June – Mid-August • nature

Better not to come across a hungry predator just after the end of hibernation season

Moose or Elk

June – August • nature

Norwegian fjord forests are home to the greatest species of deer—Moose

Wild Flowers

May–August • nature

Delicate flowers add liveliness and colour to seemingly barren Arctic Nordic fields


June–August  • activity

Adrenaline lover should try downhill longboarding on beautiful, steep and dangerous mountain roads of Norway


Late June – Late July • food

Norwegian strawberries are distinguished by a strong and sweet flavor


Reindeer Migration

January–February • nature

By the end of Christmas season, thousands of Santa's helpers set off for the two-month long trip across the frozen plains

The Atlantic Ocean Road

September–October • activity

This "road to nowhere" is reminiscent of a deadly roller coaster being beset by brutal ocean waves

Northern or Polar Lights

late September–late March • nature

Northern lights become observable only in the darkest nights

Blue Hours

January–early February • nature

Sunless winter season has its own delight, when Norwegian landscapes bathe in glassy azure during blue hours

World Reindeer Racing Championships

April 01, 2018 • event

Enjoy a truly unique and often hilarious experience at the Reindeer Racing Championships

Rørosmartnan or Røros Fair

February 19–23, 2019 • event

This ancient Scandinavian market is recreated in this special UNESCO world heritage site

Dry Fish Rack

March – May • food

Plenty of unsalted cod is dried by cold spring winds and almost freezing temperatures on huge wooden racks

Sankt Hans

June 23 • event

Huge bonfires are lit to ward off evil witches while Norwegians are getting married for fun during the midnight sun

Outdoor Ice Skating

November–early March • activity

Norway is famous for its love for winter sports with ice skating being one of the locals' favourite

Viking Festivals

June 07–10, 2018 | August 08–12, 2018 • event

The original setting and ancient Viking atmosphere makes you feel like a member of the warriors' camp

Bergen’s Gingerbread Town

Late November–December • activity

Gingerbread Bergen is filled with thousands of small beautiful details made of sweet dough


August – September • activity

Do you like walking through shallow flowing rivers, climbing slippery stones, and jumping from cliffs into pristine water?


Mid-October – June • nature

You might look for a couple of walruses on your own, but your best shot is to take a boat to Pyramiden

Skiing and Snowboarding

November – April • activity

Winter season invites tourists to try their hand at skiing and snowbording on the Norwegian slopes

Kicksled World Championship

February 10, 2018 • event

A serious winter sports or just a kind of mock costume competition—any way a delightful pastime for both "kickers" and spectators

Arctic Fox

November–March • nature

Dark in summer, Arctic fox dresses up into a white fur coat for winter

Ice Music Festival

January 31–February 04, 2018 • event

Ice music was born in Norway thanks to the abundance of ice, talented ice sculptors, and ice musicians

Polar Nights

Late November – Mid-January • nature

Winter holidays in Norway will give you a glimpse of what it is like to live without sun and the curious ways to find amusement without it


June 24–July 01, 2018 • event

Extreme week in Voss is a unique occasion to try your hand at all the known extreme sports at once

Red and Black Currants or Rips and Solbær

Late September • food

A small portion of this berry sauce is sufficient to make a regular vanilla ice-cream taste heavenly good

Reindeer Sledding and Sami Culture

November – March • activity

The versatile and fascinating Sami culture is built around good-natured reindeers, Sami legends, food, and intriguing folk music

St. Olav Festival

July 28–August 04, 2018 • event

The St. Olav Festival allows its visitors to go back to medieval ages and see the battle of Stiklestad with their own eyes

Frost 'Flowers'

November–February • nature

The most unusual "flowers" that "bloom" only in winter


December 22 • event

Tourists join the residents of Kongsberg in Drekkedagsnatta to party like the town's 17th century miners used to

Crowberries, Krekling or Krøkebær

Late August • food

Hard, acidic and bitter crowberries are hardly ever eaten raw, but rather made into juices, wines, jellies, and sweets

Kirkenes Snow Hotel

Late December – Early April • activity

Thermal clothes, sleeping bags, and mattresses acompanied with Nordic vodka are very helpful in the snow hotel

Rjukan Icefestival

February 09–11, 2018 • event

Frozen waterfalls are a perfect setting for such festivities as ice climbing speed competitions

Cowberries or Tyttebær

early September • food

Sweet but sharp-flavored cowberry jam is traditionally served with meat

Norway's National Day

May 17 • event

Norway celebrates its statehood through ceremonial parades. The biggest parade winds its way through the streets of Oslo

A Kiss from an Arctic Wolf

February – April • nature

Who taught arctic wolves to kiss humans? Would you dare to let an amiable predator lick your face?


mid-April–May 17 • event

The russ are wearing red pants inside out and red caps with a string of knots celebrating graduation

Snow Kiting

November – March • activity

Snowboarding and skiing with a giant wind-powered kite is a must-do experience for all the adrenaline seekers

Ice Сlimbing

Mid-January – Mid-March • activity

Climbing up the icy rock is a life-time achievement you will be proud of 'til the end of days


November–early January • food

The Norwegian "water of life" contains spices, herbs, and around 40% alcohol. It is a common Christmas drink always present during festivities

Horse Riding in the Snow

November – March • activity

Hardy Scandinavian horses have been the most reliable means of transportation for centuries

Narvik Winter Festival or Vinterfestuka

March 09–18, 2018 • event

Ofotbanen railway is the framework of the Narvik Winter Festival celebrating the town's culture and history

Sea Urchins

September–February • food

Sea urchins, also known as sea hedgehogs, are a special cool weather delicacy

King Crab Safari

October–January • activity

Join professional divers to hunt one of the biggest crab species in the world!

Fårikål Season

September • food

Norwegian children are taught to cook traditional lamb and cabbage stew in elementary schools


August–October • food

Thanks to local blackberries ice cream tastes even more delicious and cakes look more attractive

World Cod Fishing Championship

March 16–17, 2018 • event

If you are lucky, you might be the next one to catch a record-breaking giant cod fish

Arctic Sea Ducks

January – February • nature

Norwegian arctic ducks amaze with their colors, vast numbers, and vocals

Autumn Migrations

September – October • nature

Birds flocks break the night silence with their farewell cries during the autumn migration


November–early January • food

Not a single Norwegian Christmas party can do without warm spicy Gløgg, a local version of mulled wine

Rakfisk Festival

November 01–November 03 • event

Brine-cured trout is amazing at the Rakfisk Festival in Fagernes

Finnbiff or Reindeer Stew

September–January • food

A plate of hot reindeer stew will keep you warm, sated, and full of energy during a frosty winter day

St. Lucia Day

December 13 • event

Children parade dressed in white, carrying candles, singing songs, and hand out festive buns

Juleøl or Christmas Beer

November–early January • food

Long ago brewing Christmas beer was obligatory for all Norwegians and breaking this law was grounds for punishment

Skrei Season

January – April • food

The world's healthiest whitefish is abundant in the waters along the Norwegian coast during winter season

Lussekatt Buns

December 06–December 13 • food

Lussekatt buns are typical saffron treats served on St. Lucia Day

Norwegian Lobster

October–November • food

To preserve the stock of Norwegian lobsters for the future years the young and spawning crayfish goes back to the sea

Julebrus or Christmas Soda

November–early January • food

Raspberry or champagne-flavored Julebrus is a favorite Norwegian softdrink for Christmas

Arctic Race of Norway

August 16–19, 2018 • event

This 700 km racing route winds along the picturesque lands of Northern Norway


Late August • food

Known for excellent healing and anti-aging qualities, bilberries have been used in medicine for ages

Pickled Herring

Mid-December – Late-June • food

Herring pickled with onions, garlic, mustard, lingonberries, and other flavorings is a great Norwegian delight

Christmas Desserts: Multekrem, Riskrem, Marzipan Christmas Pig

November–early January • food

Soft and creamy vanilla-flavored puddings topped with fruit preserves that melt in your mouth. These desserts are a must try during the holidays

Christmas Specialties: Lutefisk and Fresh Cod

November–early January • food

A watery, jelly-like lutefisk and fresh cod boiled in salted water are still beloved Norwegian Christmas fish delicacies

Christmas Specialities: Ribbe with Medisterkaker, Pinnekjøtt with Kålrotstappe

November–early January • food

Roast pork ribs with meatballs or lamb ribs smoked over birch branches - any choice will be delicious

Great Snipe

Mid-May – Mid-June • nature

Eager males attract females' attention performing a polyphonic mating song

Morello Cherries or Moreller

mid-August • food

The sourness of morello cherries perfectly suits tart berry pies and serves as an excellent topping for poultry

Christmas Ham and Sausage

November–early January • food

Succulent Christmas ham and a savory pork sausage is a highlight of Christmas cuisine all throughout Norway.

Pepperkaker Biscuits

November–early January  • food

Snow crunches under your feet and Pepperkaker biscuits crunch in your mouth