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King Crab Safari in Norway

Join professional divers to hunt one of the biggest crab species in the world!

The king crab loves cold waters and is native to the Bering Sea. It can grow up to two metres from claw to claw, and can easily bite a human's finger off. On the other hand, it is really meaty and is considered to be quite a delicacy. So if you are curious about how these sea creatures are being taken aboard, you are more than welcome to take one of the king crab safari tours around Finnmark coast.

Sometimes fishermen cut off just one claw and then release a crab back to the sea, and then the guests can enjoy a lovely dinner with some fresh crab meat.

Practical info

When is the best time to take a King Crab Safari tour in Norway?

The King Crab Safari tour in Norway usually runs from October to January each year, as the king crab tends to move to the shallow waters around the Finnmark coast during this period. While the local climate will determine the exact time, tourists should confirm the dates and times directly with local tour operators. It’s an opportunity to enjoy close encounters with these creatures. Show more

Where can I join a King Crab Safari tour in Norway?

The King Crab Safari tours are popular around the Finnmark area, and tourists can participate in Kirkenes or Bugøynes. Regardless of the destination, guests will enjoy spectacular scenic landscapes and various accommodation options and transportation. Bookings in advance are advisable during high seasons to avoid missing out on the memorable experience of catching these crabs. Show more

How are the king crabs caught during the safari tours?

Divers individually lower big metallic crab pots into the sea in search of King Crabs. Upon catching them, the divers retrieve them by hoisting the pot to the surface. For sustainability, the crabs are re-released, although they lose one claw. By removing one claw, it is possible to sustain crab populations while also enabling tourists to experience the beauty of these creatures up close. Show more

What is the size of the king crab you can expect to catch during the tour?

King Crabs are larger than most other crab species globally, with an average length of two meters. During a safari tour, tourists usually catch crabs of varying sizes. The larger ones, which are as massive as ten kilos or more, require safety precautions to prevent injury. The King Crab Safari tour is an exciting adventure that lets you enjoy these large crustaceans in their natural habitat. Show more

Can tourists participate in the cooking process of the freshly caught crabs?

After King Crabs are caught during a tour, they are cooked alive in an adjacent cabin, and tourists can join in the process. Participating guests can learn how to extract meat from the shells and experience the culinary traditions of Norway. Visitors can enjoy meals consisting of crab meat, potatoes, and local vegetables once the tour operators have finished cooking the crab meat. It's a memorable experience bringing tourists closer to Norway's rich seafood heritage. Show more

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