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World Reindeer Racing Championships (Sami Week) 2023

Enjoy a truly unique and often hilarious experience at the Reindeer Racing Championships


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You might get some good laughs while watching this hilarious spectacle: reindeers are racing at full speed, and competitors tumble behind the wild animals grasping the reins with all they've got. Some participants give up almost at the very starting point, but the most persistent hold the strings till the last breath. Afterwards, Sami herders chase after the reindeer as only they are able to catch and calm the frenzied animals.

Reindeer racing championships are held annually around Easter time in small Sami town called Kautokeino, when the snow is still divine.

Other famous reindeer race takes place within the Sami Week in Tromsø on the Sunday closest to the Sami National Day that falls on the 6th of February. Participation in this amusing spectacle is available for all the interested. Volunteers are given a number and a ticket for the race. Whoever has not skied before is advised to race on their butts as it will surely make the race last longer and perhaps some will even manage to pass the finishline.

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