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The magic snowy period from December through March is the best time to visit Finland. Snowmobiling, dog sledding, ice-fishing, and snowshoeing are there for you. And December is the time to meet Santa in his village!
Summer in Finland is warm and it's the right time for hiking, boating, and wild berry picking. Beer floating takes place in July. But it is also much more crowded with significantly higher prices. And remember that after the summer is over, from September through March, you have a reasonable chance to witness the Northern Lights.

Jan26 - Feb05:JANUARY 26 - FEBRUARY 05:


Reindeer Migration

January–February • nature

By the end of Christmas season, thousands of Santa's helpers set off for the two-month long trip across the frozen plains

Stay in the Glass Igloo

late August–April • activity

Experience one of the best night stays in a stunning glass igloo and enjoy the beauty of nature, especially the Northern Lights

Ice Diving

late January–March • activity

A deep dive under the ice in cold, dark waters is an absolutely thrilling experience and not for the faint of heart!

Icebreaker Cruise and Ice Swimming

December–April • activity

Take a cruise through the endless frozen sea on the icebreaker and try a dip in the frigid waters

Snow & Ice Architecture

November–March • activity

When winter lasts for so long, people make it a bit more exciting with the help of imagination. Come and marvel at creations of spectacular ice art!

Northern Lights

September–March • nature

Check out the amazing colourful aurora shimmering in the sky for a once in a lifetime experience

Frost 'Flowers'

November–February • nature

The most unusual "flowers" that "bloom" only in winter


December–mid-April • activity

Have fun and get where you are going fast! Driving a snowmobile can take you on an unforgettable snow adventure


December–April • activity

A fun and easy way to move around and explore Finland's wildlife and nature

Cross-Country Skiing

December–April • activity

Enjoy peaceful skiing among Finland's silent white scenery

Thursday Meal Tradition

every Thursday • food

Try one of the most traditional dishes that can be found in every Finnish restaurant, every Thursday!

Kaamos: the Polar Night

December–January • nature

For most people it's quite hard to imagine a complete darkness for 24 hours a day. And then imagine that this period can last for several weeks, or even months


December–April • activity

Reach spectacular and untouched places and enjoy a winter fairytale during your snowshoeing walk

Ice Fishing

December–April • activity

If you are a fishing fan and want to try something new, come and enjoy ice fishing among Finland's vast peaceful scenery

Skiing and Snowboarding

December–April • activity

Finland offers lots of various opportunities for skiers and borders with its amazing snowy scenery and neverending fun

Snowkiting (Kiteskiing)

December–April • activity

Enjoy perfect snow and wind conditions for a great snowkiting getaway!

Tykky in Riisitunturi National Park

January–April • nature

Enjoy the magical Finnish winter in the place from a fairytale with snowy spruces

Burbot Soup

mid January–February • food

Love everything fresh and seasonal? This one's for you!

Ice Climbing

December–March • activity

Enjoy an ice climbing season that lasts for a few months

Dog Sledding

December–April • activity

If you like snow and dogs and you are not afraid of frost, then this one is for you. Try out a one day or multi day adventure tour and enjoy traveling with some amazing huskies


Mobile Sauna Festival in Teuva

July 29, 2017 • event

If you like extreme heat, take part in an incredible festival for sauna lovers

World Air Guitar Championship

August 22–24, 2018 • event

One of the most unique and extravagant festivals to attend

Helsinki Sauna Day

March 10, 2018 • event

Check out the unique possibility to visit some of the best private saunas in the city absolutely free of charge!

Wife Carrying World Championships

July 06–07, 2018 • event

Want to test your relationship? Couples from all over the world come to take part in this bizarre competition

Kaljakellunta or Beer Floating

the last Saturday of July or the first Saturday of August (TBA) • event

How about a weekend in a company of 5,000 beer-drinking floaters?

Moomin World and Moomin Place

June–August  • activity

A journey to the Moomins may bring lots of pleasant memories from childhood

Christmas Season in Santa Claus Village

November 18–December 25, 2017 • event

Around the Arctic circle, deep in snowy Lapland a warmth and happiness await you in Santa's hut. Let your Christmas become even more magical!

Flying Squirrels

May–early August • nature

Have you ever seen a flying squirrel? Consider yourself lucky if you manage to meet one in Estonian and Finnish forests

Red Caviar Season

October • food

Come to Finland and try the best!

World Village Festival

May 26–27, 2018 • event

Check out this celebration of multiculturalism, tolerance, and cooperation. This festival is full of various performances, arts, exhibitions, and debates

Seal Safari

May–August • nature

Meet some of the rarest seals in the world—Saimaa ringed seal—at the largest lake in Finland

Wild Berry Season

June–October • food

This superfood is waiting for you in Finland. Some of the tastiest and most nutritious berries can be found here. Each has a specific spot and picking season so don't miss out!


May–October • activity

Finland's huge number of channels, lakes, and long coastline with thousands of islands offer some of the best boating around!

Kummakivi Balancing Rock

June–October • nature

If you think you have seen everything, prepare to be surprised! The world has lots of unbelievable and curious things to discover like this weird balancing stone

Elk Meat

September–December • food

Taste something new from traditional Finnish cuisine

Restaurant Day

February 18, 2018 | May 19, 2018 • event

Enjoy the day when anyone can set up a restaurant

Juhannus (Midsummer)

June 24 • event

This midsummer celebration in Nordic style has lots of traditions and secrets to be discovered


May–October • activity

Finland's diverse and unique nature welcomes everyone to explore its beauty

Viking Market

July 26–28, 2018 • event

Come and see true Vikings: the way they lived, how they looked, or become a Viking yourself and take part in the battles and various competitions


April–May • activity

Finland's overflooded rivers in spring provide extreme speed and offer lots of rafting challenges

Hobbyhorse Championship

April 29, 2017 • event

Hobby-horsing is a new craze in Finland for young girls

Kuusamo Folk Healers' Gathering

July 12–16, 2017 • event

A fun way to find out more about your own body, nature, and health

New Potato Obsession

June–July • food

Come and enjoy this tasty and simple food that gives so much happiness to the locals

Finland Ice Marathon

February 21–24, 2018 • event

The largest and most famous celebration of winter sports in Kuopio


March–September  • nature

The great nature of Finland and its nothern location makes it home to lots of unique bird species

Flow Festival

August 10–12, 2018 • event

This is a huge open air celebration of music of all kinds. Art installations and a unique list of performers draws crowds to enjoy the sounds of the Flow Festival!

Canoeing & Kayaking

June–October • activity

Check out the beautiful nature and numerous waterways that welcome paddlers to enjoy long summer days in Finland

Midnight Sun Swimrun

May 30, 2018 • event

Have you ever experienced a midnight swim and run? Come and take part in the annual swim and run competition!

Helsinki Festival

August 17–September 02, 2018 • event

This unique annual celebration showcases unique art to everyone. It's the perfect time to open the art inside of you as well!

Ice Karting

December–March • activity

Extreme and exciting, this fast and fun winter outdoor activity welcomes everyone