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Tykky in Riisitunturi National Park

Enjoy the magical Finnish winter in the place from a fairytale with snowy spruces


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Riisitunturi National Park is an amazing mountainous area with large hillside swamps. It covers the territory of 77 square kilometers in the southern part of Finnish Lapland, near Posio. You’ll find here the protected wetlands of Karitunturi Fell, picturesque hanging swamps, beautiful Lakes Kitkajärvet and stunning forest landscape of Posio. The park is a perfect place to enjoy the nature during any season, but you’ll find some of the most stunning views during winter. The 'tykky' phenomenon is about the trees heavily covered with the snow so that they bend under its weight.

The snow coat is really thick and covers everything around. The trees look like high snow-covered cones. This is also the time to meet some reindeer searching for food. You should be an experienced hiker or have a good guide if you plan to have a snowshoeing expedition or enjoy some cross-country skiing in the forest. It is really wild and remote with difficult terrain and some places without phone coverage. But you can also take the easier skiing track, which takes you from the parking lot of Korpihilla Café to the only hut on top of Riisitunturi. This 7 km trek can be experienced from mid-January till late April.

The Finish Lapland features a two-month long polar night, called kaamos. This period starts in November and during it the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon. The white snow is the only bright thing you see around. But this is also a magical period, when you can enjoy colorful shades, bright stars and stunning Northern Lights.

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