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Waipoua Forest

The forest fascinates with its huge ancient kauri trees, colourful ferns, and exotic birds

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What a bliss to walk through fascinating natural kauri gateways, enjoy sun rays breaking through the fringing ferns and birds chirping around! You might think that you got into the Garden of Eden. In fact, this is Waipoua forest, the most popular among the remaining kauri forests. In the past kauri trees covered the area of 1,2 million hectares. These ancient towering trees have been growing in New Zealand for over 2,000 years.

Waipoua forest is home to the oldest kauris known in New Zealand. One of them is presumed to be between 2,500 and 3,000 years old, Maori people name it Te Matua Ngahere, which means “the Father of the Forest”. Another grand tree is not only old, namely 2,000 years old, but also the largest one. Thus, it is called Tana Mahuta, translated as “the Lord of the Forest”.

The best time to take pleasure in strolling around the forest is summer when the sunshine​ struggles in through the grand kauris and ferns.

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