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Aurora Australis

September (all year round) • nature

Observe beautiful Southern lights, while looking at the beautiful Tasmanian sky

Watching World Smallest Penguins

October–April • nature

It is a lifetime experience at the edge of the world

Coral Polyps Spawn

October–November • nature

Witness the birth of coral reef—a recently discovered phenomenon that sparks with bubbles and colour!

Field of Light Uluru

March 02 2018–December 31 2020 • event

In the middle of the desert, a new sparkling life is bursting with colors as soon as the sun goes down

Quokka, the World's Happiest Animal

April–December • nature

The world's smallest marsupial, the quokka, lives on the Rottnest Island and is considered to be the world's happiest animal

Tasmanian Devil

October–December • nature

Don't miss a chance to meet Tasmania's most dangerous and well-known animal—the Devil

Budgie Tornado

November–February • nature

A rare spectacle of thousands of budgies flocking in huge swarms

Climbing Mount Kosciuszko

November–May • activity

Australia's top summit might be called the smallest largest mountain in the world, four times less than Everest

Drunken Parrot Season

October–December • nature

A mysterious nature phenomenon leaves vets puzzled


December–February (all year round) • nature

While these small grey creatures sleep in eucalyptus branches, tourists have one calling–to see koalas and be touched!

Kangaroo Watching

all year round • nature

Charismatic kangaroos are the most popular wild animals in Victoria

Beach Season in Victoria

November–March • activity

Spend your vacation on one of Victoria's beautiful beaches from which you can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the Southern Ocean

Lake Hillier

October–April • nature

This is a marvellous pink lake surrounded by the lash green narrow coastline and washed by the deep blue ocean waters. Is this a sight from a dream? No, it's definitely real and should be put in your must-see list

Mountain Pygmy Possum

November–February • nature

A rare kind of possum once considered an extinct species is now found in a decent population of some 2600 individuals, yet only within 10 km radius of Australia's highlands

Great Ocean Road

June–November  • nature

Drive along one of the most scenic coastal roads in the world and enjoy the nature

Hutt Lagoon

June–November  • nature

These red and pink fields look unreal, but in fact, it's a farm producing algae

Phillip Island Penguin Parade

all year round • nature

The world-famous Penguin Parade on the Phillip Island is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Australia

Melbourne Music Week

November 16–24, 2018 • event

Melbourne Music Week creates a leisurely summer mood

Hiking in NSW

March–November • activity

Satisfy your inner explorer with some of the most scenic hiking trails around New South Wales

Lake McKenzie (Boorangoora)

April–October (all year round) • nature

One of the most beautiful freshwater lakes in Australia

Surfing Off Victoria Coast

September–May • activity

The wild coast of Victoria may offer the best surfing in the world, among the densely overgrown hills and cliffs

Sydney Opera House

all year round • activity

The Sydney Opera House is one of the 20th century's most famous and distinctive buildings

Bruny Island Neck

September–February  • nature

A beautiful nature reserve and isthmus connecting north and south parts of the Bruny Island

Bicentennial National Trail

April–November (southbound) | September–May (northbound) • activity

Thousands of kilometres winding through the wildest corridor along Australia's east coast was once passable by horse riders only

Whale Watching in NSW

May–November • nature

Witness northern or southern migration of these majestic mammals from land or boat

Jacaranda Trees in Bloom

mid-October–November • nature

Sydney can definitely show off its exotic flora. The beautiful jacaranda tree brings the city back to life in spring

Fur Seal Breeding Season

October–December • nature

At the rookery of fur seals, there is constant turmoil: some pups sleep, some get food, some play, some snarl at neighbours or even climb the rocks

Diving and Snorkelling

May–November • activity

Great Barrier Reef is more than famous for its diving experience. With the biggest reefs and most unique fish and animal, your dive here will be more than perfect!


September–November • food

In most refined dishes, asparagus should maintain its taste and structure: it should be slightly soft, but not too much

Flying Duck Orchid

September–January • nature

Tiny flower resembling a flying duck lures insects into its arms, captivates, and enslaves them

Diving in Gordon's Bay

October–April • activity

Discover a fantastic underwater world in the most stunning diving spot in Sydney

Rock Climbing

March–May | September–November • activity

Victora offers endless climbing opportunities including beautiful cracks, ledges, and spectacular peaks

Simpson, the World's Largest Sand Dune Desert

mid-March–November (best in May–October) • activity

Hundreds of kilometres of sand dunes, vast salt flats, and boundless open spaces astonish with unexpectedly rich wildlife

Sydney Rock Oyster

September–March • food

Are you ready to taste these fancy little bivalves with a glass of Champagne?

Bondi Icebergs Pool

all year round • activity

Enjoy a swim in Sydney's most famous pool and get covered by giant ocean waves


Dark Mofo Festival

June 07–24, 2018 • event

Feel the Power of Myth merged with the contemporary art at Dark Mofo Festival


April–June • nature

Tasmania's special small and cute kanragoo-animals

Lavender Blooming

December–January • nature

Enjoy magnificent lavender fields, which are exclusive feature of Tasmania

Tasmanian Beach Season

December–February • activity

Enjoy the heat and quietness of Tasmanian top beaches

Wombat Watching

April–July • nature

This is another of Australia's miracles

Melbourne Marathon Festival

October 14, 2018 • event

Challenge yourself and join Australia’s largest marathon

Whale Watching in Victoria

May–early October • nature

You will definitely meet humpback and blue whales during the migration period off Victoria coast

Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

December 26–December 31 • event

One of the world's most anticipated race that has a long history and offers some spectacular sights!

Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games

January 13, 2019 • event

Nudist community of Australia organizes a large sports competition, which attracts hundreds of enthusiasts

Beach Season in Sydney

December–March • activity

Sydney has no shortage of places to swim or simply relax with a good book

Australian International Airshow

March 01–03, 2019 • event

The greatest achievements of modern military aviation—world's pride and menace at the same time

Midsumma Festival

January 20–February 10, 2019 • event

Since 1988 this festival is in top five LGBT celebrations in the world

Boxing Day

December 26 • event

One of the best days to go shopping or enjoy a family BBQ

AFL Grand Final

September 29, 2018 • event

Even if you are not familiar with the rules of Australian football, don't miss this greatest sports event in the country

Sydney New Year's Fireworks

December 31–January 01 • event

About one million people crowd to vantage points around the harbour for this dazzling pyrotechnics display

Surfing Around Sydney

March–September • activity

Learn the art of riding a surfboard on high-quality waves!


January 26 • event

You can't fully feel the spirit of Australia Day celebrations without the traditional Ferrython

Mitchell Falls

March–October • nature

This sight is the highlight of the Kimberly National Park. A true oasis in a deserted savannah

Horizontal Falls

May–September • nature

Nature doesn't stop amazing us. If you have never heard of Horizontal Waterfalls before, it is the right time to find out

Great Ocean Road Running Festival

May 18–19, 2019 • event

A unique running event which offers the best coastal views of Victoria

Australian Grand Prix

March 22–25, 2018 • event

Witness how the first Formula 1 race of the year speeds up from 0 to 200mph in a flash

Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix

October 26–28, 2018 • activity

Phillip Island offers a superb circuit for one of the most exciting motorsport events in the world


mid-June–September • activity

Did you know that the State of Victoria boasts the largest number of ski resorts in Australia?

Festival of Sails

January 26–28, 2019 • event

The festival in Geelong is the most ancient sporting event of Victoria, as well as the largest annual regatta of keel yachts in the southern hemisphere

Baby Kangaroos (Joeys)

June–August • nature

Find yourself in a zoo with no borders on Kangaroo Island

Pacific Oysters

April–September • food

Often called the best oysters in South Pacific, the Pacific oysters are al​so available mostly in Tasmania

Grape Harvest in Yarra Valley

March • activity

Yarra Valley is a real paradise for wine lovers, this region produces excellent Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines

Ballarat International Foto Biennale

August 23–October 20, 2019 • event

This is the only photographic biennale in Australia that attracts a huge number of elite and new photographers from different countries


December–February  • nature

Most extravagant residents of Austalia's offshore waters that can be spotted all along the Great Barrier Reef


March–July • food

One of the latest fruits of the year that will brighten up any dessert!

Chinese New Year

February 15–25, 2018 • event

One of the biggest Chinese quarters in the world is celebrating its biggest holiday

Australian Open

January 14–27, 2019 • event

The famous Australian Open Tennis Championships is among the four Grand Slam tournaments

Minke Whale

June–August • nature

Your most precious experience watching dwarf minke whales on their way to the Pole


March–June • food

Taste the nut which is worth going nuts for


late December–February • event

There were references to the first Australian cricket matches as early as in the 18th century


April–September • activity

Give your body the ultimate workout while kayaking in the most picturesque areas of Sydney

Pumpkin Season

March–August • food

Pumpkin seeds were brought to Australia on the First Fleet back in 1788


late February–March • food

One of the world's rarest and most delicious meat that you may try in the most pristine courner of Australia

Australia Day

January 26 • event

Despite some controversy, this holiday plays a consolidating role, celebrating everything about being an Aussie

Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach

March 29–April 08, 2018 • event

This surf competition is so fascinating that it cannot be missed even if you are not a fan of this sport

Pine Mushrooms (Saffron Milk Caps)

March–May • food

These grow in places where the soil is densely covered with old coniferous needles, and often hide under them

Melbourne Cup

November 06, 2018 • event

This horse race is one of Australia's most prestigious thoroughbred horse races

Truffle Season

mid-June–July • activity

Hunt for the world's finest truffles in Tasmania's rainforests


December–May • food

This glossy and brightly coloured fruit will be a good addition to your meal