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This glossy and brightly colored fruit will be a good addition to your meal


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Red, yellow, black, purple, and orange capsicums have an incredible color palette of juicy and fleshy peppers that are available on the shelves of markets in Australia from December to May. Some of them are quite sweet, others with peppercorns, but in any case, it's a favorite and irreplaceable vegetable (botanically speaking, a fruit) on the table of Australians at this time of year. You can find them in supermarkets all year round, but summer and autumn is the best time to buy fresh bell peppers.

The color of sweet capsicum indicates the degree of maturity of the fruit, so try to buy the fruits of a smoothly-saturated color. These vegetables are stewed, cooked on the grill, canned, added in salads, added to soups and various sauces. Capsicum is perfectly combined with orange pine mushrooms, which grow during the autumn season in Australian forests. It is added to risotto and sauté dishes as well. Stripes of fried red capsicum are beautiful in a sandwich together with fresh cottage cheese, basil, and tomato, with chicken and ginger. It is also a common vegetable for barbecues in the autumn along with meat sausages and fish. As you can see, there are a lot of options, so eat and enjoy!

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