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Asparagus Season in England 2024

Asparagus has acquired the glory of an aristocratic product

Best time: May–June

Asparagus Season
Asparagus Season
Asparagus Season

Did you know that British asparagus is considered as the most delicious in the world? It's true! The beginning of the asparagus season in Britain symbolizes the arrival of spring. A cool, moderately dry spring usually means a fantastic crop. The season runs from late April (around St. George's Day) roughly until the summer solstice in late June.

Asparagus is rich in vitamins and minerals. This amazingly-magical vegetable reduces bloating and promotes healthy bacteria in the large intestine. It contains vitamins K and C. The first one is essential for vigorous blood clotting, and the second one boosts your immune system. It is believed that asparagus also detoxifies the body.

Asparagus might be cooked and enjoyed in so many ways for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Thick asparagus is boiled in water and eaten either with white hollandaise sauce or butter. It also serves as an accompagnateur to some stews. Thin asparagus cooks like green peas; it also helps to pass the time in anticipation of the pea season.

Asparagus is eaten with one's hands, so to touch it with a spoon shows an inability to live in "society." Green asparagus, which is traditionally considered overripe, also occupies a place of honor on the menu of English restaurants.

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