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Alpine Herbs

The plants growing on high altitudes have become na​t​ural remedies for many health problems

Alpine Herbs in Switzerland 2019 - Best Time
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Swiss Alpine region has a long tradition of using plants in medicine and cooking. Such regions as Valais, Berne, Lucerne and Jura are considered to be the richest on Alpine vegetation. The cultivation of herbs increases in Switzerland due to the popularity of phytotherapy. Some plants start to bloom right after the sno​w melts in the mountains. However, most Swiss herbs bloom in mid-season, so there is a greater chance to see them in the summer. Look for edelweiss and gentian, that are the best known Alpine plants. Or discover other Alpine species, like wild thyme, masterwort or yarrow.

Edelweiss 2019
Gentian 2019
Alpine thyme 2019
Alpine thyme
Yarrow 2019
Lady's mantles (English) or Frauenmantel (German) 2019
Lady's mantles (English) or Frauenmantel (German)