Eleonora Provozin


Eleonora's first education was in tourism. During her studies at the geography faculty in Lviv, she went on an exchange program to the USA for a year, where, despite studying, she managed to travel quite a bit. Later, she also studied tourism management for a year in Faro, Portugal. So, over six years of education, she had the opportunity to thoroughly grasp the knowledge of the tourism industry and experience it firsthand. Afterward, she worked for two years at the tourist information center in Lviv, helping tourists to have the best experience in Lviv; she enjoyed sharing not only the standard tourist attractions but also her favorite local spots with visitors to give them a true sense of Lviv as much as possible. Then she pursued further studies, this time in a two-year master's program in European Master in Tourism Management, where she moved every semester - Denmark, Slovenia, Spain. Friends and colleagues across Europe are a wonderful resource for both further work and just visiting. And after this education focusing on sustainable tourism development, Eleonora joined the Rove.me team. Currently, she works as a psychotherapist, so her flexible schedule allows her to take frequent trips to nature or work remotely from different parts of the world.

Eleonora has visited over 30 countries worldwide and has now settled back in Ukraine. She says that with time comes saturation, and she wants to slow down and stay longer in certain places. Among her favorite places, Eleonora mentions the southern coast of Portugal with its leisurely pace, unique ecosystem, and rocky beaches. But ask her about the top 3 locations she's ready to recommend to everyone. In that case, she undoubtedly says Gergeti Trinity Church in Georgia, Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, and Mount Hoverla in Ukraine. As you can see, it's all about nature because Eleonora loves to go hiking and ride a bike or kayak.