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Maíz (Corn) Season

Try some tustacas, empanadas, tamales, pozol, tamalitos, tortillas, and famous donuts made from golden corn, a staple food of Honduras


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Corn is part of Honduras' Mayan heritage. They used to believe that this plant was sacred, and gods created men from corn. Therefore, corn dishes are abundant in Honduras, especially during the harvest season from May to November. Typical dishes include montucas or corn tamales, stuffed tortillas, and much more.

The last week of August is marked by the Festival Nacional del Maíz in Danlí. This corn festival is where one can buy hand-made souvenirs, watch parades, see art contests from local and national artists, caricaturist exhibitions, bullfighting, sports competitions, and carnivals—all this makes for a fantastic Honduran fiesta.

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