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La Ceiba Carnival (Carnaval de la Ceiba) 2024

This unique fair in La Ceiba is very similar to Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Dates: May 11–24, 2024

La Ceiba Carnival (Carnaval de la Ceiba)

La Ceiba Carnival or the San Isidro Fair is the largest event in Honduras, similar to the Rio Carnival or Mardi Gras in New Orleans. La Ceiba festival occurs at the end of May to pay tribute to the Catholic patron saint, Isidore the Laborer (or San Isidro in Spanish). The entire town transforms into festival grounds with live Latin American music, dancing, and singing.

What to expect

Locals wear colorful national costumes and sell farm products, handmade clothing and footwear, souvenirs, and other typical Honduran things. The culmination of the fair is the float parade, which showcases the national culture of the country. It is called the "Grand Carnival de La Amistad", and it runs along the main street. The San Isidro Fair offers huge street parties, lots of fun, and a chance to fully experience the Latin American culture.

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