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Cochin Carnival (New Year's Eve) 2022

Kick up your heels to see off the outgoing year and celebrate the arrival of the New Year in a magnificent way!

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Far back in the 16th century, during the Portuguese rule, one of the most fantastic Indian carnivals appeared. The Cochin Carnival takes place every year during the last week of December before New Year's Day, and it is a total visual delight. Moreover, this is not just a festival; it's a real massive procession with music, plays, dancing, concerts, and much more.

There is also a place for adorned elephants who proudly lead the parade. The New Year celebrations in Portugal were frequently marked with grand fiestas and parties which is why Cochin Carnival, with Fort Kochi (Kerala) in the center of all the activities, is such a bright and memorable event.

During the Carnival, a lot of contests are carried out, including swimming and cycling. People wear extravagant costumes and put on the brightest makeup they can get. Any midnight fireworks? Yes, please! Maybe the most magnificent fireworks in the world. But before—another celebration, the burning of the Papaanji, which takes place exactly at the stroke of the midnight and signifies the end of all past issues and the start of a new life.

Cochin is a giant celebration of tradition and culture of both future and past, and it maintains five principles such as adventure, environment, peace, progress, and participation.

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