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Oruro Carnaval 2023

Symbolic costumed performances and water fighting traditions that go back over 2,000 years

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This festival has been proclaimed a masterpiece of the Heritage of Humanity and is a truly outstanding event. The spectacle is performed by over 30 thousand costumed dancers and singers over a 4 km-long demonstration designed to celebrate the Virgin of the Candle Mass. Performers reenact the fight between Good and Evil.

During 4 days the revellers indulge in spirits and festive delicacies, and the culmination of the merriment takes place on the last day with a huge water battle. The Oruro Carnaval has been happening for around 2 millennia, and nowadays reflects both ancient Aymara​ traditions and Christian beliefs. It is held in the middle of Bolivian summer, around February.

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