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Isla del Sol and Lake Titicaca in Bolivia 2024

These ancient ruins are the only remnants of a more severe Bolivian past when death was the verdict for those accused of lies, laziness, or theft

Best time: May–October

Isla del Sol and Lake Titicaca
Isla del Sol and Lake Titicaca
Isla del Sol and Lake Titicaca
Isla del Sol and Lake Titicaca
Isla del Sol and Lake Titicaca

In English it means the "island of sun," and this place was originally referred to as the Sun God's birthplace. The ancient ruins scattered across the isle count around 80 items. Long ago people used these for particular ritual performances. One of the most notorious stone structures named "Roca Sagrada" or the "sacred rock" is known as a place where Aymara people made sacrifices and punished law-breakers. Whoever neglected any of the three main Incara rules — namely not to steal, not to lie, and not to be lazy were killed. Nowadays, the island is ​home to a small population that consists of nearly 800 families who live from farming and tourism. Since the ground is not suitable for motor vehicles, one can explore the site on foot which is actually more authentic and adventurous. The best time to pay a visit to the island in beautiful Titicaca lake is the dry season from May to October.

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What is the best time of year to go to Isla del Sol and Lake Titicaca?

The best time to visit Isla del Sol and Lake Titicaca in Bolivia is the dry season, from May to October. During this period, rainfall is minimal, and the temperature is comfortable, averaging at around 20°C. These are the ideal weather conditions for outdoor activities and sightseeing, with the skies being clear and the views breathtaking. Show more

What is the purpose of the 'Roca Sagrada' on Isla del Sol?

Roca Sagrada, also known as the sacred rock, holds significant cultural and historical importance. It is a structure on Isla del Sol that was used by the Aymara people for making sacrifices as well as punishing lawbreakers that did not adhere to the three primary Inca rules: not to lie, steal, or be lazy. For those visitors interested in culture, history and ancient civilization, the Roca Sagrada is a fascinating attraction affording beautiful views across Lake Titicaca. Show more

What is the best way for tourists to get to the ancient ruins on Isla del Sol?

Motor vehicles are not practical on Isla del Sol since the terrain is unsuitable. The most authentic and exciting way to explore the island and its ancient ruins is on foot. Walking will allow visitors to feel a real sense of adventure and give them a different perspective on the environment of the island. Tourists can expect to see around eighty historical structures on this beautiful island, with most located close to Yumani village, where there is also an array of restaurants, cafes, and shops to enjoy. Show more

What are the primary sources of income for the locals who live on Isla del Sol?

Farming and tourism are the two main sources of income for the inhabitants of Isla del Sol. Local farmers grow crops such as quinoa, potatoes and corn, while others rear animals such as sheep, pigs, and llamas. The tourism industry is the other significant earner for the locals as they provide visitors with an array of services such as guided tours and hospitality facilities like guesthouses, cafes, and restaurants. Show more

What is the most popular way to explore Isla del Sol if motor vehicles are not suitable?

Walking is the most authentic way for visitors to explore Isla del Sol, as motor vehicles are not practical due to the topography of the terrain. Visitors can trek around the island or use the services of a local boatman who operates small motorboats, moving people and goods between villages on the island. Those looking for a more exciting experience on Lake Titicaca can rent a kayak or paddleboat to navigate the waters and enjoy the beautiful surroundings at their own pace. Show more

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