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Best time to travel to Bolivia

Isla del Sol and Lake Titicaca

These ancient ruins are the only remnants of a more severe Bolivian past when death was the verdict for those accused of lies, laziness, or theft

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In English it means the "island of sun," and this place was originally referred to as the Sun God's birthplace. The ancient ruins scattered across the isle count around 80 items. Long ago people used these for particular ritual performances. One of the most notorious stone structures named "Roca Sagrada" or the "sacred rock" is known as a place where Aymara people made sacrifices and punished law-breakers. Whoever neglected any of the three main Incara rules — namely not to steal, not to lie, and not to be lazy were killed. Nowadays, the island is ​home to a small population that consists of nearly 800 families who live from farming and tourism. Since the ground is not suitable for motor vehicles, one can explore the site on foot which is actually more authentic and adventurous. The best time to pay a visit to the island in beautiful Titicaca lake is the dry season from May to October.

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