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Beach Season in Seattle

With beautiful lakes and proximity to the ocean, summer in Seattle means lots of sunbathing and swimming

Best time: May–September

Beach Season
Beach Season
Beach Season

Seattle can't boast Californian beach weather, but contrary to most visitors' expectations it doesn't rain there all the time. Most summers are usually warm and dry. Good sunny weather usually arrives in April and stays through September. However, those who like to bathe in warm water will be disappointed. Even during the warmest summer months, the water in Washington lakes stays quite cool, about 15 C°.

Lake Union and Westlake are somewhat urban and may be considered too dirty for swimming. Lake Washington is probably the best spot for swimming in Seattle since it's huge and wild, even being close to the city. You can get to Lake Washington from the north end of the city, from the centre, or in the south. Matthews Beach and Magnuson Park are good for picnics. Denny Blaine has "The Nude Beach" which is quite secluded. Seward Park has beaches for families and barbecue spots, as well as camping grounds.

Puget Sound is another beach option in Seattle. Great views and access to water are offered in Alki in West Seattle and Golden Gardens in Ballard. However, the water in the ocean may be even cooler than in the lakes, as it doesn't exceed 13 C° in August.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit the Seattle beaches?

May to September is the optimal time to enjoy the Seattle beaches. The weather is warm and dry, and sunny conditions last from April through September. Popular beach activities and water sports are accessible during this period, but water in lakes and oceans can remain a chilly 15°C. Show more

Where can I find clean and safe beaches for swimming in Seattle?

Seattle offers several clean and safe beaches to swim, such as Matthews Beach, Magnuson Park, and Seward Park. Visitors who prefer secluded beaches should go to Denny Blaine or breathtaking Puget Sound's Alki in West Seattle and Golden Gardens in Ballard. Note, some Seattle beaches may be unsuitable for swimming due to pollution. Show more

What is the average temperature of the water at Seattle beaches during summers?

The water temperature of Seattle beaches stays unwaveringly cool throughout the year. Even during the warmest summer months, the water in lakes and oceans only reaches about 15°C. While this is inferior for swimming, beach activities and sports can be enjoyed in the sun’s warmth. Show more

When is the sunniest time of the year in Seattle for beach activities?

Between June and August, Seattle is at its sunniest with the maximum daylight hours, ranging from 18°C-26°C. The summer low rainfall makes it an ideal time for beach activities. Popular beaches such as Alki Beach and Golden Gardens offer opportunities like swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. Water in Seattle's lakes and oceans can remain chilly, about 15°C, even during these months. Show more

Where can I go in Seattle for a private and secluded beach experience?

For private and secluded beach visits in Seattle, tourists can visit Denny Blaine, a popular clothing-optional spot. Kinnear Park Beach is another option, enabling stunning views of the city and the water. Blake Island provides private beaches and natural beauty accessible only by boat. Show more

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