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Storsjön Lake Ice Road in Sweden

One of the most spectacular seasonal roads will give you a little shiver on your back

Best time: January–April

Storsjön Lake Ice Road

Storsjön lake is one of the biggest in Sweden and during warmer months ferries traverse it at the fullest. However, with the cold weather the lake transforms into giant ice highways. Every year when the ice thickness reaches 7.9 inches, the seasonal bridge is prepared and maintained. It should be noted that there is a limitation on vehicle weight (only weights of 2.0-3.9 long tons or 2.2-4.4 short tons). However, this is definitely a spectacular experience that will give you a bit of a shiver.

Practical info

When is the ice road on Storsjön lake available for vehicles?

To drive on the ice road of Storsjön lake, wait for the ice to thicken to 7.9 inches. The period usually falls between January and April, depending on the yearly weather and ice thickness. Be sure to obtain correct and updated information from local authorities or travel agencies before the ice road's opening. This way, safety can be ensured while driving and exploring the area. Show more

How can I rent a car or snowmobile on Storsjön lake?

Many local businesses provide vehicles and equipment rentals to visitors who want to explore and drive on Storsjön lake. Explore Östersund, among others, is a company that provides visitors with a range of winter tours and vehicle rentals, such as snowmobiles, cars, and more. Moreover, they also offer guests the chance to rent different types of winter gear, from snowshoes to skis. Show more

What is the Storsjön lake ice road's maximum vehicle weight limit?

The weight limit allowed for vehicles on the Storsjön lake ice road ranges from only 2.0-3.9 tons. This weight restriction is vital to ensure visitors' safety and protect the ice from significant damage. Be cautious and adhere to all regulations while driving on the ice road to relish the experience and preserve the beautiful surroundings. Show more

Are there any dining options available in the vicinity of the ice road?

Numerous restaurants and cafes are available in the area surrounding Storsjön lake that offer traditional Swedish cuisine and warm beverages. Jazzköket, a restaurant with a great view of the lake, and Arctura at Copperhill Mountain Lodge are two of the most well-known establishments. It is recommended that visitors make reservations early during the peak season to help avoid any potential inconvenience while exploring the region. Show more

What other winter activities can visitors enjoy in the Storsjön lake area?

Many other winter activities are available in the surrounding area of Storsjön lake, such as ice fishing, snowmobiling, skating, skiing or snowshoeing through the bewitching winter trails, and sledding. For the adventurous visitors, there are also opportunities for dog sledding tours and ice climbing. Additionally, indulging in a wide range of spa/sauna treatments at Copperhill Mountain Lodge or the Storsjöbadet Spa & Relax could provide a relaxing experience in the tranquil winter surroundings. Show more

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