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Lake Hillier in Western Australia

This is a marvelous pink lake surrounded by the lush green narrow coastline and washed by the deep blue ocean waters. Is this a sight from a dream? No, it's definitely real and should be put in your must-see list

Best time: October–April

Lake Hillier
Lake Hillier
Lake Hillier

Several lakes all over the world have this unique colour of the pink bubble gum. Hillier Lake is one of such amazing lakes. It is located on Middle Island, off the coast of Western Australia. The lake lies right next to the Pacific Ocean, and only a narrow coastline separates them. The contrast between the pink colour of the lake and the blue ocean creates a truly striking view.

The reason for the colour of the Hillier Lake is still not understood fully. One of the versions says it is the presence of the Dunaliella salina microalgae that contributes to the colour. According to another opinion, the presence of halophilic bacteria in the salt crusts is the reason. But the unique fact is that the colour of the lake doesn't change due to the temperature variation or other factors and stays the same year round. It stays pink even in the bottle.

The water isn't harmful to people's skin and you can even swim in it safely. But the island has been closed for further researches, thus you can't visit it. Everyone willing to see the Hillier Lake can do it only from the air. Scenic helicopter flights operate daily between October to April on the Esperance foreshore.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Lake Hillier?

It is recommended to visit Lake Hillier between October and April when the temperature is mild and the weather is favorable for scenic helicopter rides, offering breathtaking aerial views of the lake. Middle Island is closed for research, and the helicopter ride is the only way to see Lake Hillier. Show more

What causes the pink color of Lake Hillier?

Although not yet fully understood, the pink color of Lake Hillier is believed to be due to the presence of Dunaliella salina microalgae and halophilic bacteria found in the salt crusts. Unlike other pink lakes, Lake Hillier's water has retained its pink color despite external factors that generally affect other pink lakes. Show more

Can swimming be allowed in Lake Hillier, and is the water harmful?

The water in Lake Hillier is safe for human skin. Visitors can swim nearby in the Pacific Ocean, which surrounds the lake. Unfortunately, visitors to the Middle Island can not swim nor get close to the lake since it is closed for research purposes. Scenic helicopter rides operate from Esperance foreshore between October and April, offering tourists a view of the lake from above. Show more

Can Lake Hillier be viewed up close by tourists?

Tourists are not allowed to visit Middle Island due to research restrictions. The island is only accessible to approved researchers. Tourists can only experience scenic helicopter rides from Esperance foreshore, offering a unique perspective and a breathtaking aerial view of Lake Hillier. This ride is available between October and April. Show more

How can tourists experience Lake Hillier despite the current closure of Middle Island?

The only way tourists are currently able to experience Lake Hillier is through a magnificent aerial view from a scenic helicopter ride operating between October and April from Esperance foreshore. The ride offers a unique angle of the lake and the surrounding area. The island is closed for research, meaning people are not allowed to visit and see the lake up close. However, visitors can swim at the Pacific Ocean, which surrounds the lake. Show more

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