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Winter Magic of Biei Blue Pond in Japan 2024-2025

Just half an hour by bus from Biei, you can feel the magic of winter and see a different version of the Blue Pond

Best time: November–February

Winter Magic of Biei Blue Pond
Winter Magic of Biei Blue Pond
Winter Magic of Biei Blue Pond
Winter Magic of Biei Blue Pond
Winter Magic of Biei Blue Pond
Winter Magic of Biei Blue Pond

Blue Pond is a man-made reservoir in Biei, Hokkaido, which is supposed to protect the town from mudflows. It is famous for its colour due to some quantity of colloidal aluminium hydroxide in the water. It looks quite impressive in the summer as well, but the true magic of this place is revealed only during the cold season.

If you come during the day time, pick early and late winter for your visit, then the pond is not frozen yet but there is already some snow on the surrounding trees. As the water freezes, the beautiful blue water isn't visible anymore, so you might consider an evening visit to the pond.

Once you are there, you might want to explore a bit the area, and visit some places like Shirogane Waterfall.

During winter months, the evenings have a fairytale atmosphere, as the Blue Pond area is illuminated. Some travellers and photographers love it, as the lights constantly change the colour; others say it's not worth the effort as it's rather cold and not as impressive. Just make sure you don't miss the last bus to Biei.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Blue Pond in Biei?

The recommended time to visit Blue Pond is during the winter months from November to February. At this time, the pond takes on a unique magical effect with snow-covered trees, and the pond is frozen. To get the best view of the pond, it is advisable to visit early or late winter. If you want to see the illuminated colours of Blue Pond, evening visits in winter are recommended. Show more

Where is Blue Pond located in Japan?

Blue Pond is located in the Hokkaido town of Biei, about an hour from Asahikawa City. The pond is easily accessible using public transportation from Biei station. Visitors need to catch a bus from the station which takes approximately 30 minutes to reach the pond. The scenic countryside surrounding the pond can be enjoyed during this journey. Show more

What is the cause of the unique blue colour of Blue Pond?

The Blue Pond in Biei derives its striking blue colour from natural minerals such as colloidal aluminium hydroxide found in the water. Sunlight reflected on the water intensifies the blue colour, giving it its unique look. It was constructed to shield Biei town from mudflows and is now a famous tourist spot. The pond's water originates from the nearby Shirahige Waterfalls, and it never runs dry. Show more

What other attractions are there to visit near Blue Pond in Biei?

Apart from Blue Pond, visitors can explore many natural attractions surrounding Biei. Shirogane Waterfall is a beautiful and famous attraction near Blue Pond that visitors can explore. They can take a walk through the Patchwork Road for magnificent views of the countryside nearby. Flower lovers will love Farm Tomita, a flower park that is open year-round. The unique blue colour of Aoiike Swamp also makes it a great place to visit. Show more

Is it worth visiting Blue Pond during winter evenings despite the cold weather?

Although some visitors might find the cold weather too challenging, the Blue Pond area's illumination offers a fairytale atmosphere that many consider unforgettable. However, some complain that it's not as impressive as during the day. Visitors need to plan their travels accordingly and ensure to bring appropriate winter clothing and gear. Taking the last bus to Biei is essential to prevent getting stranded. Show more

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