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Geamăna Village Drowned in Copper Lake

You do not want to drink from the huge multicoloured lake overflowing Geamana, unless life is too boring for you

Geamăna Village Drowned in Copper Lake in Romania 2019 - Best Time
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© Ernest Marius Valea

Roofs, wooden pillars, and other forms rising above the multicoloured lake are the remnants of the once picturesque drowned Geamana village. It's peaceful villagers were living there relatively happily until the realisation of copper deposits in the areas nearby in 1978.

Geamăna Village Drowned in Copper Lake in Romania - Best Season 2019

At the wish, or rather the order of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, Geamana valley was abandoned and flooded forcing large amounts of toxic waste into the lake. 400 families were evacuated to the neighbouring settlements, however, ​the most stubborn remained in the village, despite the absence of supplies. Devoted villagers only moved to the banks of the lake.

Tourists come to see this nice but sad view starting from April through the summer months.