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Transfagarasan Road Trip

late June-late October (weather permitting) • activity

Fancy riding along serpentine roads with the terrifying views of precipices?

Geamăna Village Drowned in Copper Lake

April–August • activity

You do not want to drink from the huge multicoloured lake overflowing Geamana, unless life is too boring for you

Mocăniţa Steam Train

May–October • activity

Europe's last steam-powered forestry train invites you on a vintage trip across the Vaser Valley in the Maramures Mountains​

Merry Cemetery

April–October • activity

This cemetery with sometimes shocking paintings on the headstones celebrates life instead of mourning death

Growing Stones or Trovants

June–August • nature

These stones or rather "creatures" have been baffling the scientists for years. Truth or fiction, they are said to influence people's thoughts and seek revenge when treated badly

Swimming in Lake Sfânta Ana

June–August • nature

Maybe even better than a seaside resort: no jellyfish stings or sharks—these pure waters have no fish at all


April–October • activity

A vast mountainous area covered with countless hiking trails suitable for any skill level

Medieval Festivals

June–August • event

Sword fights, troubadours and minstrels, and witches burning at the stake—all just as in the Middle Ages

Wine Season

August–October • food

Romanian wines were once a part of the diet of European kings, and Cotnari wine was among Peter the Great's favourites

Romanian Cheese

June–August • food

Cheese freaks will go crazy with joy as they see the variety of healthy Romanian cheeses

Cycling & Mountain Biking

May–mid-October • activity

The Carpathian Mountains, the wild forests of Transylvania, and rural areas provide a wonderful setting for cycling


April–September • nature

Pelicans, egrets, ibises, ducks, geese, swans, eagles, vultures ​and many other feathery marvels are waiting for you in the Danube delta

Bigar Waterfall

April–October • nature

The unusual shapes and settings make Bigar Waterfall the most interesting waterfall in Romania

Dracula Tour

April–November • activity

What pops into your head when you hear Romania? Definitely –Dracula, Transylvania, and vampires... ​

Ciorba de Peste

June–March • food

The most popular treat of the Danube delta consists of a fishy broth and the fish itself

Hay Harvest

July–September • activity

The scent of fresh hay spreads over Romanian fields spotted with countless haystacks

Beach Season

June–September • activity

Watersports, thermal mud spas, local wines, and ancient Greek architecture ensure a great seaside vacation

Hunting Season

August–mid-February • activity

Hunting in Romania means a wide range of game including brown bears and no problems with licensing. Hunting is followed by loud celebrations

Horseback Riding

April–October • activity

Nature, history, and architecture open from another angle as you ride round on horseback

Canoeing, Kayaking, & Whitewater Rafting

April–October • activity

The network of Romanian rivers provides all the necessary conditions to learn the sports or improve your skills

Сatfish Fishing Season

July–September (depends on species) • activity

Try out your fishing luck—the depths of the Danube Delta may conceal a 400 kg catfish

Salina Turda Underground Amusement Park

All year • activity

Romania's special amusement park outdoes Disneyland with its underground lake, stalagmites, and salt deposits


New Year Bears

not in rangeDecember 31–January 01 • event

Crowds of bears dance, growl, roll, die, and then resurrect in the snowy Romanian streets

St. Mary in Costești

not in rangeSeptember 08 • event

Tens of thousands of Roma people annually gather in Costești to celebrate the Birth of Virgin Mary

Lolelor Festival in Agnita

not in rangeJanuary 28, 2018 • event

Abiding by medieval traditions the masked townspeople of Agnita slap horsewhips to drive off evil winter spirits

Orthodox Easter

not in rangeApril 08, 2018 • event

Special Romanian Easter rites include painted egg tapping, night vigils, and perfume attacks to bring girls good luck

Mud Volcanoes

not in rangeSeptember–November | March–May • nature

The Gates of Hell lead to the kingdom of grey bubbling muds and infertile soils with almost no vegetation

Carol Singing

not in rangeDecember 24–December 25 • activity

Kids and adults sing and dance with the Holy Star, drum dubasi, and even the playful goat Carpa joins Colindatul

Colours of Rapa Rosie

not in rangelate April–early May • nature

The spring Sebeș landscapes are amazing—red rocks, green valleys, and colourful flower beds all around

Magnolias in Bucharest

not in rangeApril • nature

Only in April one may enjoy a delightful stroll among Bucharest magnolias or a picnic in a Romanian flowering park

Sambra Oilor

not in rangeMay | September–October • event

Taking sheep up or bringing them down from the mountains is a great occasion to celebrate folk traditions in a hillside village

Peonies in the Comana Forest

not in rangeMay • nature

Can you imagine peonies growing peacefully along forest paths? Comana forest displays plenty of these gorgeous flowers


not in rangeDecember 24–December 25 | December 31–January 01 | April 01, 2018 • food

Interestingly shaped festive bread with different fillings made from nuts and raisins to marmelade and Turkish delight

Martisor Day

not in rangeMarch 01 • event

It is a gesture of courtesy to present a "martisor" to a woman for the beginning of spring and a guarantee of good luck

Ciorba de Perisoare

not in rangeDecember 24–December 25 • food

This savoury Romanian meatball soup with spicy paprika and sour lemon juice is traditionally served at Christmas

Skiing and Snowboarding

not in rangeDecember–March • activity

The Romanian Carpathian Mountains invite skiers and snowboarders to try out the slopes

Lamb Haggis (Drob De Miel)

not in rangeApril 08, 2018 • food

A chance to sample traditional Easter lamb happens just once a year


not in rangeDecember 24–December 25 | April 01, 2018 • food

Bigger meat and cabbage rolls are called sarmale while small ones have the diminutive name—sărmăluţe


not in rangeOctober–early December • food

According to Romanian tradition, no meal should start without a shot of plum tuica, especially when a guest visits

Red-Breasted Goose

not in rangelate October–March • nature

Geese with red feathered breasts come from all over the world to winter in the Romanian delta

Water Lilies

not in rangemid-May • nature

Graceful water flowers float all over aquatic mazes of the Danube delta

Prislop Pass Folk Festival

not in rangeAugust 20, 2017 • event

The festival of Romanian traditions culminates with the "hora" – a circle dance of Transylvania, Maramures, and Moldova