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St. Mary in Costești 2021

Tens of thousands of Roma people annually gather in Costești to celebrate the Birth of Virgin Mary


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Every year on September 8, the largest European Roma community makes a pilgrimage to the Bistrita Monastery. Tens of thousands of Romas come here to pray, take part in various traditions and celebrate. After the religious service, they all gather on the hillside nearby the monastery. You can see hundreds of tents, which are set in a special hierarchy from the top of the hill, where the largest tents are located. The bigger the tent, the more honourable and respectful family owns it. The King is also always present and celebrates along with his people.

The line of tables with food seems to be endless. Here you can find a huge variety of dishes, like chicken, turkey, roasted lambs and piglets, fruits together with rivers of good wine. People share food, play traditional music, dance and celebrate till the next dawn. Usually, here you can find lots of gipsies selling various stuff, like second hand, balloons, toys, etc. Some families even make wedding arrangements for their sons and daughters in Costești. Thus this holiday plays a huge role in every Roma's life and is one of the most awaited events.

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