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Señor de Huanca 2024 in Machu Picchu and Cusco

A pilgrimage visited every year by thousands of believers

Dates: September 14

Señor de Huanca
Señor de Huanca

In September, a pilgrimage draws countless believers from Peru and beyond to Cusco. Participants embark on a 4-6 hour journey to receive blessings and reach the centuries-old image of the martyred Christ, Señor de Huanca, painted on a rock.

Celebration Highlights

The Lord of Huanca, a miraculous representation of the martyred Christ, is located inside the sanctuary of the same name. Each year, faithful worshipers and visitors from around the world come to honor its profound significance. Thousands of devotees fervently participate in processions, masses, and other religious rituals, establishing the sanctuary as a crucial hub of religious and spiritual life in the Cusco region.

Origin of the Señor de Huanca

Many stories explain how God chose Huanca as His home. In 1675, Diego Quispe, a miner in the Yasos mine, defended a fellow worker from punishment. Fleeing to avoid retribution, he hid in a cave in Huanca, where he saw a vision of a bleeding Jesus Christ. Jesus instructed him to spread His message. Diego later returned with others to witness the vision, marking the beginning of the Lord of Huanca's worship. Another story involves Don Pedro Valero, a wealthy miner who recovered from an illness after following a mysterious doctor's water treatment. The doctor revealed himself as Jesus Christ, leaving his image on a rock in Huanca. These events led to the sanctuary becoming a revered site for thousands of faithful.

Cultural Significance

The cultural significance of the Sanctuary of the Señor de Huanca is evident in the blend of local religious traditions and indigenous heritage. Festivities feature folk dances, traditional music, and vibrant costumes, celebrating the region's identity and cultural roots. Unique artistic expressions enhance the experience, making the pilgrimage a profound cultural event. In 2014, this pilgrimage was declared a Cultural Heritage of the Nation.


The main day of the Lord of Huanca celebration is September 14, marked by a large pilgrimage of devotees.


The Señor de Huanca Sanctuary is situated 48 km from Cusco, at an altitude of 3100 meters in the district of San Salvador, province of Calca. The site features several chapels where masses and religious ceremonies take place. Visitors can also explore the Pilgrim's Route, a path rich in symbolism and traditions, leading to various sacred spots within the sanctuary.

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