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Christian Pilgrimage 2019

Twice a year, the Holy Land of Jordan opens its numerous sacred sites to the pilgrims from all over the world

Christian Pilgrimage in Jordan 2019 - Best Time
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The numerous sacred sites of Jordan make it a popular tourist destination among Christians worldwide as well as simply curious travelers. Christian Pilgrimage tours feature all the main landmarks of the country. In 10 days you can see Mount Nebo, Bethany beyond the Jordan, walk along Abraham Path in Ajlo​un, visit Karac Crusaders Castle and in Petra, you can see Byzantine Church, the Great Temple, Siq, the Treasury and other holy sites. The route runs across the Wadi Rum desert, through Lot's cave, the Pillar of Lot's wife, the Dead Se​a, and finally, Mukawer known as the Jesus Cave. The tours depart from Madaba in mid-November when the temperatures are most suitable for such a lengthy hike, and one more tour is offered during Christmas time.

Mount Nebo 2019
Mount Nebo
Lighting Candles at Mt Nebo 2019
Lighting Candles at Mt Nebo
Bethany beyond the Jordan 2019
Bethany beyond the Jordan
Christian Pilgrimage in Jordan - Best Season 2019
Renewing the baptism 2019
Renewing the baptism