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Best time of year to visit Israel

Be ready to jump into the pure magic when exploring this Middle Eastern country on the Mediterranean Sea. The best time to visit Israel runs from December through April. It starts with spiritual Hanukkah and its customs and treats. Early spring comes with biking through the endless desert while watching it bloom. Colder months are the right season to enjoy the tranquillity of the Dead Sea. June through August and during holidays, Israel gets crowded with curious tourists. So if your ultimate purpose is sprawling on the beach far away from noisy troops, choose May or September at its calmest. Moreover, during September off-season, in the context of holiest days of Yom Kippur, you have an excellent chance to witness Israeli cities on hold, looking as abandoned ones.


Dead Sea Spa

October–April • activity

Your saltiest experience on the lowest and one of the most stunning wonders on Earth

Biking the Desert

October–April • activity

The Israeli experience that will offer you some sightseeing and sports!

Desert Bloom Season

February–April • nature

Enjoy the scenic views of the Negev desert with its infinite flowery fields

Nubian Ibex Baby Mountain Goats

February–August • nature

The Negev ibex mountain goat climbs rocks better than any cragsman!

White Stork Migration

March–April | October–November • nature

The September farewell flights over the European countryside are for the lucky ones, but recovery breaks in Israel's wetlands is a sure thing to see

Cactus Flowers Blooming Season

mid-February–August • nature

Enjoy the best views of the most thorny flowers of the country

Negev Iris in Bloom

March–early April • nature

The elegance and charm of Negev iris fields will become your ultimate love at first sight

Unique Birdwatching

March–May | September–December • nature

Enjoy the sounds of thousands birds singing in unison in Israel's city of Eilat

Anemone in Blossom

January–April • nature

Enjoy the fragrance of thousands of anemone flowers in the most picturesque areas of the country


Midburn Festival

May 14–19, 2018 • event

Feel the power of art, creativity and style at one of world's best festivals

The Rebirth of River Zin

mid-December–March • nature

Be prepared to watch one of the most menacing natural wonders of Israel

Yom HaShoah Siren

May 02, 2019 • event

Empathize with the locals over the darkest pages in the world's history

Yom Kippur

October 08–09, 2019 • event

Streets and roads are empty—the whole country is celebrating Yom Kippur, the holiday of atonement and forgiveness

Jerusalem Light Festival

June 27–July 05, 2018 • event

With thrilling light installations, sound effects, and the overall majesty of the old city, Jerusalem Light Festival will be a high point of your visit

Purim Street Party

March 20–21, 2019 • event

Have fun all the night long celebrating country's most popular holiday

Jerusalem Friday Street Parties

July–August • event

Get the feel of celebration and watch the whole city dancing at one of summer Friday parties

Beach Season

May–September • activity

Enjoy Israeli beach season with its clear waters and warm sun shining from spring up till the end of summer

Levivot or Latkes

December 02–10, 2018 • food

Probably the tastiest potato dish you have ever tried, only in Israel, only for Hannukah


December 02–10, 2018 • event

Visit the country for one of the most well-known Jewish holidays. Take part in the local celebrations and try traditional dishes


December 02–10, 2018 • food

Traditional Jewish doughnuts are the sweetest reason to visit Israel for Hannukah

Palm Sunday

March 20, 2016 • event

One of the most significant events in Christianity opens the Holy Week with a palm walk

Holy Light Ceremony

April 07, 2018 • event

The miracle believed to occur for hundreds of years on Orthodox Easter Saturday at the exact time is one of the holiest among Christians

Almond Blossom

January–February • nature

Tender pinkish flowers cover the almond trees all over Israel during early spring

Blooming of Cyclamens

December–February • nature

Take a look at Israel's valleys covered with a magnificent carpet of cyclamens in winter

Jerusalem Day

June 05 • activity

Take part in celebration of the Jerusalem Day hand in hand with the locals


September 09–11, 2018 • food

Israeli sweetest cake that will bring you joyfulness and prosperity for the following year