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Tel Aviv Night Run 2021

The most popular fun race in Israel provides an unusual tour of Tel Aviv


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The annual Tel Aviv Night Run that takes place in late October or November is the most vibrant athletic events in Israel. The fantastic atmosphere and thousands of cheering spectators that support over 25,000 runners make this race so unique. Tel Aviv Night Run is the most popular non-marathon running event in the country that promotes a healthy lifestyle and the touristic potential of the capital of Israel.

The 10km course that goes around the White City starts at Rabin Square (Kikar Rabin). The race runs from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. and finishes at Yarkon (or Hayarkon) Park (Ganei Yehoshua), which is a local equivalent of Central Park in NYC. Some entertainment awaits runners throughout the route. The race provides a unique experience to explore Tel Aviv and its landmarks.

Tel Aviv has the reputation of the most athletic city in Israel, with a huge running community and a variety of races throughout the year. Nighttime­ is definitely the best time to go for a jog here due to the hot and dry climate. Tel Aviv Night Run is open for women, men, and children over 14. Every participant gets a running kit with a T-­shirt, a race number, and a measuring chip. A note from a doctor is also a must.

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