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Jerusalem Light Festival 2024

With thrilling light installations, sound effects, and the overall majesty of the old city, Jerusalem Light Festival will be a high point of your visit

Dates: late June/ early July 2024 (unconfirmed)

Jerusalem Light Festival
Jerusalem Light Festival
The Festival of Light at the Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem, the Old City
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Jerusalem Light Festival is definitely the most spectacular event to observe during this time. Light installations, together with incredible melodic local music create an unforgettable atmosphere of a fairy tale. The Festival takes place in the old part of the city where different historic events or fairy tales are projected onto the stone buildings. The sight adds to lighting dozens of shades and angles.

The walls and cobblestone streets get illuminated with surreal modern art installations of Israeli and foreign artists. Every year, visitors are offered different paths through the city. Each of them is marked by a certain color of light, taking spectators from one installation to the next. Those unusual 3D installations are usually huge in size, there are also videos as well as sound-and-light shows. The paths, which are concentrated in Old City Jerusalem attract hundreds of thousands of spectators from Israel and all over the world. In the previous years, the festival has had about 250,000 visitors. During the Jerusalem Light Festival, there is also an art fair displaying and selling works by prominent light designers.

However, Jerusalem is not the only place for such a remarkable performance. Among the most famous installations, are those taking place in Tiberias every evening.

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