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Purim Street Party 2022

Have fun all the night long celebrating country's most popular holiday


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Purim is one of the most important Israeli holidays, celebrated all over the country with the biggest events taking place in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The very nature of the holiday is religious, but these days religious traditions are successfully merged with all night clubbing and carnival atmosphere. The highlight of Purim celebration is the street party and festival with people celebrating all day and night long.

The annual street party in Tel Aviv is the biggest Purim event in the country. It takes place in Kikar Hamedina and features concepts from some well-known musicians. The event has a fantastic atmosphere and is free for everyone. Another awaited event is the Tel Aviv Purim Zombie walk. Hillarious zombies are gathering at the corner of Ben-Zion Boulevard and King George and walk through the streets of the city.

Purim is associated with dancing atmosphere, singing, and colourful costumes of the participants. Although Israel doesn't have a reputation of a party country, this festival just shakes it all through! So, Purim is a perfect time for you to have an Israeli night out not worse than the famous Mardi Gras in New Orleans. No doubt, Purim is worth visiting!

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