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Hiking in Samaria Gorge National Park

May–October • activity

Samaria Gorge National Park is a place with incredibly stunning nature, waterfalls, lakes, ancient settlements, and unique flora and fauna

Pink Sand Beaches

May–October • nature

Witness the amazing work of Mother Nature while visiting the Elafonissi and Balos pink beaches

Knossos Minoan Palace

April–May | September–mid-October • activity

Feel the real ancient atmosphere in the heart of Minoan civilization

Lefka Ori Hike (The White Mountains)

May–October • activity

These snowy mountains are waiting for you in sunny Crete

Sea Turtles

late May–October • nature

Visit some of the wonderful Greek beaches, which are home to the adorable Caretta turtles

Wildlife Watching

April–October • nature

Crete is home to all kinds of endemic wildlife

Fruit Season

May–October • food

Hot greek summers would be incomplete without a juicy fruit plate

Fig Season

mid-August–November • food

Juicy, sweet, and fresh figs must be on your bucket list for Crete

Crete Beach Season

May–October • activity

Enjoy plenty of swimming and sunbathing spots on the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea

Summer Coffee (Frappe)

May–September • food

Solving the biggest summer struggle of coffee lovers since 1957

Winemaking Season

late August–early October • activity

There is no meal without a glass of amazing Cretan wine. Tasting tours run all year round, whereas grape stomping experience is available just once in a while—don't miss it!

Wildflower Season

April–October (best in April–May) • nature

Discover species of flowers that grow exclusively in Crete

Grape Harvest

mid-August–early October • food

Guess how many kinds of grapes exist in Crete? Almost 40! Don't miss your chance to try them all


April–November • activity

Spend a relaxing vacation exploring the beautiful Mediterranean by boat

Diving and Snorkelling

April–October • activity

Crete offers an exciting underwater odyssey with lots of unique objects, flora, and fauna

Birdwatching Season

mid-March–mid-May | September–October • nature

Crete hosts more than 412 different bird species, ensuring a great birdwatching experience


May–June | September–October • activity

This is the best way to discover Crete and its amazing nature


May–October • activity

Are you ready for breaking waves in Crete?


all year round  • activity

If you are a sea and nature fan, don't miss this chance to enjoy fishing during your vacation in Crete


Rethymno Carnival

March 10, 2019 • event

A glorious event where the whole town becomes one big family

Olive Harvest

mid-November–January • activity

When visiting Crete during winter, witness and partake in the olive picking holidays

The Tour of Crete

May 20–27, 2018 • event

A great chance to test yourself and partake in a challenging bicycle holiday among the beauty of Crete

Holy Week & Greek Easter

April 25–28, 2019 • event

Feel the real spirit of Crete by visiting it during the biggest religious holiday

Drosoulites of Frangokastello Castle

late May–early June • activity

Have you ever seen a mirage? This one is so real that it has confused people for hundreds of years

Matala Beach Festival

mid-June • event

An awesome event where you can learn about alternative living and philosophy

Elos Chestnut Harvest and Festival

late October–early November • activity

Sweet roasted chestnuts, a beautiful, elated atmosphere, and local spirits await you in Crete in the fall


December–February • food

A strong local spirit that warms up the heart and body

Tsikoudia (Cretan Raki)

October–mid-December • food

Autumn is the best time to discover Cretan spirits traditions—try local alcohol and learn to make it on your own

Lemon and Orange Season

January–March • food

Do you know the real taste of Crete? Just try its citrus fruits

Honey Season

June–August • food

Learn about honey making with locals and try delicious Cretan honey

Oxi Day

October 28 • event

Visit the biggest national holiday in Greece with lots of parades and festive events

Greek Salad (Horiatiki Salata)

June–August • food

Greece is the homeland of the famous Greek salad—a traditional dish of Crete villages

Wild Greens (Horta)

February–April • food

Dreaming of long life and perfect skin? Try these delicious wild greens from Crete

Sardine Season

July–August  • food

In fishermen's villages, people eat sardines every day, which is perhaps the secret to Greek longevity

Roasted Lamb

April 28, 2019 • food

This traditional Easter dish is popular all over Crete

Kourampiedes (Kourabiethes)—Greek Christmas Butter Cookies

early December–early January • food

During Christmas vacation in Greece, try these delicious traditional butter cookies which look like small snowballs

Melomakarona—Greek Christmas Honey Cookies

early December–early January • food

Christmas in Greece won't be complete without these traditional festive sweets!