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Sailing in Crete

Spend a relaxing vacation exploring the beautiful Mediterranean by boat

Best time: April–November


Sailing is extremely popular in Crete as there are so many different routes for tourists. It can be a one-day sailing trip or a whole vacation on a yacht. You can enjoy fishing or snorkeling and diving too. Besides, you can do yoga aboard and enjoy the peaceful and calm atmosphere around you. It's a great chance to try delicious Mediterranean cuisine, be in contact with nature, and enjoy the beauty of Crete and its marvelous landscapes. The best cities to go sailing in Crete are Heraklion, Reythmno, Chania, Aghios Nikolaos, and Lerapetra.

Sailing Holiday tours are available from early April until the end of November. The high season starts from the last week of July and ends in the first week of September, at this time yacht charters will be more expensive than usual. If you go sailing during September and October, you'll be likely to see Mediterranean dolphins and whales.

Practical info

When is a suitable period to sail in Crete?

Sailing in Crete is ideal from April to November. The high season runs from late July to early September when yacht rentals may be expensive, but September and October offer chances to see dolphins and whales. Show more

Which are the most exciting towns to sail from in Crete?

Heraklion, Reythmno, Chania, Aghios Nikolaos and Lerapetra are the finest towns to explore while sailing in Crete. These locations boast an array of scenic routes that include serene beaches, secluded coves, indulgent Mediterranean cuisine and superb docking points for yachts. Show more

What are some popular activities for tourists on sailing trips in Crete?

On a sailing excursion in Crete, tourists can take advantage of various activities like fishing or practicing yoga, besides unwinding in a calm atmosphere, appreciating spectacular surroundings, and tasting sumptuous Mediterranean food. Whether you're on one-day sailing trips or extended vacations, there are numerous routes to explore. Show more

Is snorkeling and diving recommended in Crete?

Indeed, snorkeling and diving are both popular for visitors to Crete, providing opportunities to discover the hidden marine gems and crystal-clear waters that the island has. The area's abundant sea life includes colorful fish, sea cucumbers, and octopuses. You may pack your essential gear for snorkeling and diving and relish the warmth of the Mediterranean while taking in the stunning views. Show more

When is the best season to view dolphins and whales while sailing in Crete?

The best time to catch sight of Mediterranean dolphins and whales while sailing in Crete is during September and October, increasing your chances of seeing them. These astounding sea creatures can be observed on sailing tours, swimming alongside, or in proximity to the yacht, a memorable encounter with the ocean's natural majesty. Show more

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