Best time to travel to Cabo San Lucas

The Arch of Cabo San Lucas

Cabo's most iconic site at the tip of the Land's End

Best time: June–December (diving) | mid-December–mid-April (whale watching)

The Arch of Cabo San Lucas
The Arch of Cabo San Lucas
The Arch of Cabo San Lucas
The Arch of Cabo San Lucas
The Arch of Cabo San Lucas
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El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, also known as El Arco Cabo or simply The Arch, is going to become the main highlight of your trip to Los Cabos. Magnetic rugged rock formations were beautifully shaped by nature over thousands of years. The Arch sits next to several more stunning locations to check out, such as Lover's Beach, named for its beauty, and Divorce Beach, famed for rough waves. Besides, the area is excellent for fishing and watersports, such as kayaking or paddleboarding. Marine wildlife is equally impressive: sea lions love to bask on these rocks, and whales birth here in winter. A plethora of engaging activities to enjoy during your visit is assured.

Where is the Arch of Cabo San Lucas

The landmark is located in Mexican Baja California Sur at the point where the Pacific meets the Sea of Cortez. This wondrous spot is romantically called the Land's End, for if you follow the line south, you won't step on land all the way across the ocean until you'd reach Antarctica.

How to see El Arco Cabo

The best way to see The Arch is on a boat tour. Sailing will allow you to have a close-up look of the icon, snap great shots from different angles, and explore more gems hidden around the Land's End. Sunset cruises provide a chance to behold the sceneries during the golden hours. Boat options are plentiful, ranging from a small water taxi to a luxury yacht with a glass bottom.

Best time to see The Arch

The tour operators run all year round. However, the period between June and December is more suitable due to better visibility. So if you want to pair your trip with scuba diving, plan your visit within this favorable timeframe. If you visit between mid-December and mid-April, keep an eye out for migrating humpbacks.

Practical info

Where is the Arch of Cabo San Lucas?

The Arch of Cabo San Lucas can be located in the southernmost tip of the Baja California peninsula in Mexican Baja California Sur. The place is called the Land's End and is the meeting spot of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. You can not step on land across the ocean towards the south direction until you reach Antarctica. Show more

How to see El Arco Cabo?

To have the best encounter of El Arco Cabo, you require a boat tour as they come in various ranges, from small water taxis to luxurious yachts with a glass bottom. Indeed it's the optimal way to explore more hidden gems around the Land's End and take an up-close shot of the icon. If you are considering a trip during the golden hour, sunset cruises provide a perfect opportunity. Show more

Best time to see The Arch?

Tour operators are available throughout the year, but it is more beneficial to take a tour between June and December as the waters are clearer. If scuba diving is part of your experience, do it within this favorable time as well. The waters are warmer, reaching up to 84°F(29°C), with a good chance of spotting whale sharks. Between mid-December and mid-April, watch for migrating humpback whales. Show more

What are some other attractions near The Arch in Cabo San Lucas?

The Arch location provides more appealing sights such as Lover's Beach offering romantic and spectacular scenery. Divorce Beach, known for rough waves, remains popular for swimming and sunbathing among tourists. Additionally, the area is ideal for fishing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and wildlife viewing. The marine life here is exquisite with sea lions basking on the rocks, and humpback whales during winter migration. Show more

What is the history of The Arch in Cabo San Lucas?

The Arch of Cabo San Lucas is actually a natural rock icon that has existed for ages. Formed over millions of years, the ocean carved it out of the sturdy waters of the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean. The indigenous people used to visit the site and believed it was a sacred place. This spot remains significant for every visitor globally, drawn to its charm and attraction. Show more

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