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San José del Cabo Art Walk in Cabo San Lucas

The cobblestone streets of the city are perfect for an art hunt

Best time: November–June (Thursdays)

San José del Cabo Art Walk
San José del Cabo Art Walk
San José del Cabo Art Walk
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When in search of an artsy evening, you'll like San José del Cabo Art Walk. The event takes place every Thursday during the high season from November to June. Such an occasion provides ideal entertainment and the best way to support the arts of Los Cabos.

Artists from all over Mexico exhibit their creations here: from paintings and sculptures to photography and handmade Chiapas textiles. During the four-hour tour, you can explore the area, visit multiple exhibitions, hear the stories from guides, and possibly buy some authentic masterpieces. Note that all the galleries are open daily until 9 pm.

The lively streets of the Gallery District in San José del Cabo are always full of music and dancing. After the art walk, you can dine in one of the fabulous restaurants nearby or have a drink in a bar to take in more vibes of the area. Some of the most famous spots include Baja Brewing Company, El Wineshop, and La Lupita.

Practical info

What can visitors enjoy during the San José del Cabo Art Walk?

San José del Cabo Art Walk is a fun-filled evening featuring art, music, and food. Visitors will find a range of artworks from photographs and sculptures to paintings and textiles created by artists from all over Mexico. The event takes four hours and is ideal for exploring various galleries, talking with artists, and buying exceptional masterpieces. Show more

When does the San José del Cabo Art Walk take place?

The San José del Cabo Art Walk is a weekly event hosted on Thursdays between November and June. It is the prime season in the Los Cabos, making it the perfect occasion to experience the fantastic galleries and immerse yourself in the city's lively ambiance. Show more

Where is the Gallery District found in Los Cabos?

Gallery District is an exceptional spot in San José del Cabo that stretches along Alvaro Obregon and parts of Boulevard Mijares. It is located in the cultural heart of the city, making it easy to locate and getting to. When exploring the area, visitors can enjoy glorious arts and appreciate the city's local artists' talents. Show more

Can visitors buy authentic Mexican handcrafted textiles during the Art Walk?

Yes, San José del Cabo Art Walk provides an extraordinary opportunity to buy authentic, handmade Chiapas textiles and other artworks to bring back home. Visitors can purchase unique and handcrafted jewelry, paintings, sculptures, picture frames showcasing the region's culture and history. Every vendor offers a piece of Mexican culture's history through their incredible artworks. Show more

What are the popular post-Art Walk destinations in San José del Cabo?

San José del Cabo's Gallery District has several fantastic options for post-Art Walk entertainment. Visitors can enjoy exceptional beer at Baja Brewing Company, Mexican delicacies at El Wineshop, and lively nightlife, tasty Latin-inspired dishes, and delightful cocktails at La Lupita. Every bar and restaurant in the area is unique, and visitors can enjoy amazing ambiance with live music and gorgeous architecture that amplifies the town's charm. Show more

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